What Are the Hidden Travel Gems of 2022?

After COVID-19, everyone’s concern is for their next destination. From all the pent-up demand, these destinations are some of the most well-hidden gems in the world and people will be clamoring to reach them. With flight prices through the roof, more and more people are searching for a destination that doesn’t break their bank. 

Whether you’re planning on going to Croatia, Malta, or the Faroe Islands, this article describes some of the hidden gems to reach for after COVID-19. If you’re looking to thoroughly plan your trips, you can use a travel planning app that organizes all of your stay information, activity possibilities, and any restaurants or landmarks you want to visit. Continue reading to learn more about 2022’s hidden travel gems. 

Zagreb and Plitvice, Croatia 

Zagreb has become one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. Located on the Sava River, Zagreb has a unique combination of cobblestone streets, workshops, and cafes filled with music. You can combine the trip with Plitvice, a magnificent nature park with striking blue lakes and 400 waterfalls. 

Valletta, Malta

Valetta is one of the most popular destinations in Malta and you can make it a day trip while combining a day at the beach. The capital of Malta has a rich history of the hospital knights. For its relatively small size, the city has 320 monuments. From church domes and forts to Popeye Village, once a film set that now looks like a fishing village. 

Bari, Puglia Italy 

Avoid the bustle in Rome, Pisa, and Venice by going to Bari. Located in the Puglia region, Bari is an authentic relief from the crowds in Europe. The old center, Bari Vecchia is one of the most photogenic mazes of alleys and churches in Europe. Daredevils can taste raw sea urchins in the Bari port and enjoy a beautiful view of the sea. 

Braga, Portugal 

Nicknamed the “Rome of Portugal,” this historic city boasts historic cathedrals and elegant architecture across the city. Meticulously cleaned squares and alleyways are only accessible to pedestrians and because of this, Braga is an excellent alternative to cities such as Lisbon. Large swaths of boutiques and cafes make Brage an ideal location for students and dinner and cocktails are easy to find. You can also enjoy coffee and ice cream at Spirito. 

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Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Dense rainforests, warm locals, incredible wildlife that include orangutans, monitor lizards, wild peacocks, and monkeys make it a one of the most exotic places on this list. Caves and a river for swimming and tubing are all available to kids who enjoy taking a dip. Jungle trekking is another option that makes Bukit Lawang both remote and accessible. 

Traveling families who visit Penang, Malaysia, and the Medan Airport in northern Sumatra are only 45 minutes away by plane. From the airport, it’s a three-hour drive through villages and palm olives plantations to Bukit Lawang, which sits next to the Bohorok River. On the other side of the river, lies Gunung Leuser National Park, the domain of the orangutans. 

Myanmar (Formerly Burma) 

What was once known as Burma is now Myanmar, and it is a beautiful, under the radar tourist destination. It’s not at the top of anyone’s list of travel destinations because it only opened to tourism five years ago. Whether you’re with family or traveling solo, Myanmar has something for everyone.  

The ancient temples at Bagan might not be appealing if you have young kids but they are absolutely fascinating if you want to look at carvings and wander through dark, narrow passages while listening to tales and legends. At In Dein, which is near Inle Lake, you can discover what will appear to you as a lost city. On the west coast, the sand around Ngapali Beach is unspoiled and there won’t be many people to share it with. 


Namibia is Africa’s hidden gem. Wildlife, breathtaking scenery, cultural diversity, gorgeous weather, and amazing accommodations are just a few of the ingredients for a successful trip. If you’re still not convinced, you can climb the world’s tallest sand dunes and roll down to the bottom. You can also track a herd of desert elephants over the river bed in a safari vehicle. Namibia is truly a hidden gem and you should hop on it fast because it is quickly gaining popularity. 

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Faroe Islands, Denmark

Located between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroe Islands offer a chance to true seclusion. Dramatic landscapes abound, redefining the idea of an island to yourself. Rugged coastlines that were once considered the realm of the vikings are now home to natural wonders best explored by fishing boats. The Faroes are also starting to take a step towards modernization with chic shops and the island’s first Michelin-star restaurant. 

You can stay at the boutique Hotel Havgrim, which is a beautifully restored historic home on the water bursting with Nordic charm. Design in many Faore hotels was inspired by the calming seas, and it features large glass windows and private balconies. The property also has a calming sense.

Luckily, the Faroe Island government is limiting tourism to preserve the ecosystem there as well as the authentic local culture. If you’re planning on taking a trip, you will have to plan ahead. 


This up and coming, historically rich country was once on the Silk Road, and now is the time to experience its splendors. Georgia is still under the radar and underneath the surface, the mostly rural country has a unique European culture that most of the world has little to no experience with. Hospitality and warmth are part of the local culture’s specialties and guests are considered gifts by the locals. 

Georgia has unique culinary tastes, lush, rolling hills, snow-capped peaks, and idyllic streams bursting around every corner. There’s something for everyone in Georgia. Signagi is allegedly the birthplace of wine and it has a wine-producing history that goes as far back as 5000 BC. Wine enthusiasts will be enthralled by Georgia’s Chateau Svanidze, owned by its namesake family of winemakers. Indulgent culinary specialties, including cheese-filled khachapuri and mtsvadi skewers. 

Local whiskey is regularly on the menu for Georgians and the art-deco Stamba Hotel in Tbilisi converted from a Soviet printing house headquarters is a testament to the art and design interests of modern Georgia. No matter where you go in Georgia, you will be greeted by an inspiring backdrop to the historic churches, iconic statues, and 11th century castles scattered throughout. 

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