Install these Apps for Great Prank Calls

Install these Apps for Great Prank Calls
For pranksters attempting their first prank call, it can often be a frustrating experience. From constantly stuttering to forgetting the scripted lines you wrote down, all that’s left is an expensive phone bill. But what if there was a fool-proof way to execute flawless prank calls every time? Prank Apps are the solution!
Prank dial apps assist users in prank call delivery, with many even making the call for you. They are packed with a wide array of specialized features, improving user experience to take your prank game to the next level.

So how do apps contribute to this time-tested hobby? It depends! Some apps can change the way you sound, while others send prerecorded calls.

To save you considerable time figuring on what to install, we’ve chosen the best ones for you. Let’s start.

Prank Apps that send Automated Calls

These Prank App types provide a highly convenient way to deliver great calls consistently. Prank call apps let users access dozens of prerecorded calls, each offering a fun prank scenario. And once a prerecording is sent, it’s scripted in a way that replicates human interaction almost perfectly.

Prank dials are also straightforward. Do so by selecting your favourite scenario and contacting your friend. As dialogue proceeds, you can tune in live to listen to reactions as they go.


In many ways, OwnagePranks has revolutionized prank calls online. Receiving millions of views daily on their youtube channel, they’ve managed to popularize prank calling to the next generation. Consequently, their prank dial app is just as exceptional, offering creatively written scripts with superb voice acting. Prank scripts are also recorded in various accents, adding extra entertainment value to an already jam-packed app.

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Once you’ve received your daily free credit, consider the following scenarios for your next call:

Early for Halloween – Your friendly neighbour Rusell claims to have been trick-or-treating at your house last year. In an attempt to beat the Halloween Rush, Rusell asks if he and his son can come round and get some candy bars. The call ends with Rusell angrily accusing you of making his son cry for refusing.

Stay Away From My Girl – Tyronne has a big problem! You’re supposedly speaking to his girlfriend late at night, every night! After continuously insisting you’re messing with his girl, Tyronne will then want to settle the imaginary issue like men.


This prerecorded app is known for its vast number or prank scenarios. Scripts are listed under various prank genres, making almost no one exempt from a prank call. Prank genres include Love, Politics, Scam, Money and Neighbor. To receive prank tokens, fill out their online survey to get free ones or pay via a credit card or Paypal.

Try these top-performing prank scripts for your next act:

Mobile Data Coverage – Your phone network is giving you a courtesy call regarding your wireless plan. The agent claims they’ve experienced some odd data charges from your account. Since mobile data used has exceeded your monthly limit, you will be charged $260.

Are You Coming Over – A sexy stranger asks when you’re coming over to her place. She then claims her home is nearby and wonders why you’re ignoring her text messages. Have an overly jealous girlfriend? Try this script!

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Voice Changers

A Voice changing app is a fantastic accessory to first-timers and experienced pranksters attempting a prank call. Whether you’re recognized due to a distinct accent or want to play a specific persona, voice apps provide a convenient solution. From celebrity voice modifications to adjusting one’s pitch, voice changers can transform the way you sound.

Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects is a highly competent app in a sea of voice changers. Known for its vast number of voice modifications, it’s undoubtedly one of the best prank calling apps available today. This app transforms the way you sound, giving users access to over 40 sound effects. Effects include Monster, Robot, Giant, and Zombie.

To change your voice, do the following:

  1. Make a recording using the app’s record function.
  2. Once satisfied, choose the voice modification you prefer and apply it to your established voice.
  3. Prerecordings can be utilized in various ways. Suggestions include playing your prerecording incall or sending your voice clip online.
  4. Pranking aside, a prerecording can be used as a reminder on your phone or as an alarm clock.

Celebrity Voice Changer – Fac‪e

This voice transformation app enables users to sound like their favourite celebrities. Great for making calls more dynamic and exciting, choose the celebrity’s face to change your voice instantly. Various stars are included, such as Donald Trump, Drake, Michael Jackson, and so much more.

To use the app, ensure your Internet connection is switched on and then Tap and Speak into your phone’s microphone. The app will automatically recognize your voice, generating a video that will play your voice back. Voice applications only take a few seconds, so you can share your video immediately once the video is generated.

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