Lawn Edging Ideas To Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your Place

Lawn Edging Ideas To Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your Place

Having a lawn in your front yard was one of the selling “punch” lines before the rise of suburbs in the States. It means you can have a space to grow whatever you want, which was predominantly grass and other plants along with it. Now, it has become a staple.

The grass adds to the feel of being self-sufficient and healthy due to fresh air and cold shades in the summer. It also adds to the curb appeal of the place and makes a bold statement about the residents. Visitors, and even pedestrians and drivers, can get an idea of how the interior and residents are going to be in the house.

Having a lawn is a blessing, it needs constant maintenance that can be cumbersome for a lot of residents. One of the treatments is lawn edging. It is cutting and shaping the grass around the edges of pavements or line of demarcation to give it a contained and clean look. There are a number of lawn edging services in Tuscaloosa AL that can help you with this problem.

However, in this post, we are going to explore some lawn edging ideas that can help you reshape the exterior look of your house.

Metal Lawn Edging

Want to stop your lawn to invade pavement or the lovely flowerbed? There is a simple and easy solution to metal lawn edging. It requires at least four-inch-deep metal strips that can obstruct the path of grass and give it a trimmed look.

The metal of choice in this regard is often steel and aluminum, with experts leaning on the latter. It is corrosion-free just like steel but it is much lighter. For reference, there is a difference of 1:6 between the weights of two. Still, both can handle the elements and every terrain and can bend which way you want to edge your lawn.

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You can also use a plastic strip line to do the edging but it is not as durable as aluminum and steel.

If you are doing it yourself, make sure you measure the depth before installing the trim so that it will not bother you with mowing.

Pro Tip: Before giving the go-ahead to the lawn edging company, confirm with the authorities that there are no underground lines. This can save you a lot of trouble!

Brick Lawn Edging

If metal does not work for you, it is time to revert to more primitive materials like bricks and stones. Both offer a clean and classic look when they separate the grass from the flower bed. In addition to that, they make a wide border so there is no way for outshoots from flowers can fall on the grass.

There is an added benefit for mowing when you go for a paver edging. The lawnmower can run easily on the flat surface with no room for scuffed edges that needed to be trimmed afterward.

There is a difference between pavement brick and general construction bricks. In contrast with the latter, pavement bricks are rugged and hard and do not crack or break under pressure. From straight edge to curved brimming, you can have it installed any way you want. Residential lawn services in Tuscaloosa AL can help you with projects like these. They have all the necessary tools and staff to do the job at an ideal time.

Between the layers of bricks and stones, a layer of sand is applied that is re-enforced by fabric to make sure there is no exchange of pollens and roots between the two beds.

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Paver edging gives more than just segregation. It can give you a pathway that surrounds your lawn and feel pleasant to walk or jog on. The cost of this approach varies based on the size of the lawn and your budget.

Raised-Bed Border

The paver idea can also be used to make a visual statement in the form of an architectural design.

This can be materialized by making striking patterns around the fountain or along the boundary wall of your lawn with stones and bricks. While you are sourcing the materials, make sure to explore and experiment with different materials so that you have the look you want on your lawn.

One of the great things about this idea is that it does not require any special skills or tools. This is valid for fairly simple and straightforward designs. If you have a free weekend and want your kids to have a fun, constructive project, this is it.

These were some of the ways you can add utility and beauty to your lawn by adding a solid edging between the flower bed and grass bed. You can also consult with the lawn edging companies in your area for more ideas.

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