Reasons Why Mailroom Is Better Than Notifii in Helping Operators and Mailroom Managers?

Reasons Why Mailroom Is Better Than Notifii in Helping Operators and Mailroom Managers?

Global parcel volumes are said to double by 2026 as a result of the economic boom. That means, mailrooms everywhere are expected to be bombarded by a daily influx of packages.

There was a time when mailroom managers could manage their mail manually. However, that is long since over.

Manual mailroom management often results in misplaced packages and other errors. Employees are especially ill-equipped to deal with the ginormous increase in package volumes after the pandemic.

That’s why most businesses opt for mailroom management software instead. Trouble is, the market is populated by various options for digital mailrooms. So, which one is the best out of them all?

Here’s a thorough breakdown of two of the leading mailroom management solutions available on the market: Mailroom by PackageX and Notifii.

Mailroom Vs Notifii

Mailroom is a smart solution that revolutionizes the way companies process their mail. Incorporating big machine vision and AI, Mailroom aims to fully automate all mailroom operations. It’s easy to use, highly scalable and caters to various industries including education systems, residences, hotels and more.

Notifii, on the other hand, is a cloud-based package management system that makes logging packages faster. It saves the user time and quickly scans packages as they arrive. They target three distinct markets. Namely, corporate mailrooms, university mailrooms and apartments.

Both systems adopt different workflows to tackle the same problem. These differences in approach are what helps us determine which software is better for mailroom managers and operators. Following is a detailed comparison of the two digital mailrooms.

Which One Is Better for Mailroom Operators?

The job of a mailroom operator is to minimize personal risk, increase customer satisfaction and properly manage staff. Both Mailroom and Notifii aim to help make the mailroom operator’s job easier with their advanced technical capabilities.

So, which one is the superior option?

Optical Character Recognition

OCR technology helps identify recipients while scanning labels. While Notifii’s OCR only reads barcodes, Mailroom’s OCR works through the label text to identify the recipient. This makes Mailroom a better choice for operators as they often receive packages with torn, illegible or handwritten labels.

Without Mailroom’s OCR technology, operators would need to enter data manually if the barcodes are missing. This leads to time wastage and can result in errors.

Automating Packages

With Notifii, operators have to scan packages and then manually type in names to match them with the right recipient. Mailroom’s advanced OCR technology allows it to automatically match the contents of the scanned label with the recipient list.

After the two are matched, the operator can then send the recipient a quick notification by simply pressing a button. The whole process is easy and takes seconds.

Picture Notifications

Unlike Notifii, Mailroom allows staff to send picture notifications to their recipients. In this way, recipients can see the package condition as it arrives at the mailroom. As a result, dealing with future queries and complaints from customers regarding package conditions becomes easier.

Appointed Pickup

With its Designated Pickup feature, Mailroom allows recipients to delegate pickup to someone they trust. This makes mail retrieval more convenient for the customers and mailroom staff can also ensure the package reaches the right person. Such technology is not yet available in Notifii.

Contactless Pickup

After the pandemic hit, safety precautions are of utmost importance. While Notifii does a good job at this with its smart lockers, their package delivery is still not entirely contactless.

Upon receiving packages, recipients either have to use the operator’s phone or swipe a card to give proof of delivery. This requires contact. On the other hand, with Mailroom, operators can collect proof of delivery without any contact by snapping a picture of the recipient’s ID.

Customized Labels

Like Notifii, Mailroom keeps a comprehensive digital record of all packages received. However, it also comes with additional features. For example: Through Mailroom, users can use Custom Labels to find out package details like location, time of retention and quantity.

Customer Support

PackageX Mailroom offers its customer support at every turn. Customers can easily submit a support ticket and talk to a customer service agent through phone, email or website. On the other hand, Notifii’s support portals are not as quickly visible through a simple search.

Which One Is Better for Mailroom Managers?

Mailroom managers prioritize increasing efficiency within the mailroom. They aim to minimize costs and yield more productivity. As a result, they need software that provides easy integration and robust analytics at a reasonable price.

Reports and Analytics

Having access to reports regarding mailroom activity is a must-have for any digital mailroom. Both Notifii and Mailroom offer dashboards that display basic analytics like package arrival times, dates and more.

However, Mailroom takes it a step forward by showing package activity by day and hour. Mailroom managers can also export these statistics into CSV files as it can help them make insightful decisions and save costs.


For managers to access its full potential, Notifii requires three additional pieces of hardware. They are as follows:

  • In order to use Notifii on a desktop, there is a need for a barcode scanner and a signature pad.
  • While you can use the app through smartphones, Ipads are preferable to most mailrooms. That results in extra cost.
  • A printer is needed to integrate Notifii’s tagging feature.

On the other hand, Mailroom does not require any extra hardware. The most you need is a desktop computer and smartphones for the employees. This also makes sure that scaling up operations is relatively less costly.


Ultimately, PackageX Mailroom is a superior digital mailroom option for managers and operators. In terms of technology and hardware used, ease of pick up, automation, organization and notifications, it offers a better deal at a reasonable price than Notifii.


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