How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel    

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel    

If your passion is to be a full-time Youtuber and you would like to keep creating great content, you need to rely on a proven system to monetize your YouTube channel. This way, your work can support you financially, and you will have the resources to thrive while creating great content.

Here are some ways to make it happen.

Take Advantage of a Patreon Membership Program

To this day and age, Patreon is the most significant source of income for Youtubers. It has a well-developed system of tools that allows YouTubers and other content creators to use subscriptions and provide their fans with extra perks depending on the tier level they sign up for.

This is an excellent way for your faithful audience to support your YouTube creation process, and you should take advantage of this way of monetizing your channel.

Firstly, you need to create a profile on Patreon – it is best to choose the same nickname as your YouTube channel. If it is not available, use the Patreon username checker to find the closest available. This way, your fans will find you quickly and effortlessly.

Take advantage of all features Patreon offers to creators, like adding a nice introductory video and ensuring all fields in your profile feature relevant and exciting information related to your YouTube channel and your mission and vision.

Set several enticing tiers representing the rewards your subscribers will get from signing up for your exclusive content. The more reward levels you have, the more subscribers will sign in for your page!

Youtube Partner Program – Get Paid for Ads

Ads are an essential part of the YouTube user experience (Except for YouTube Premium). Some of the money goes to the channel the ad is displayed on. So it is a viable option to make money on your YouTube channel.

To have ads on your channel, you need to abide by specific guidelines. You can check if you are eligible for the YouTube Partner program. You can enable monetization on your channel and choose what kind of ads can be displayed on your videos.

Use Product Placement

Product placement is using or displaying specific brands during your videos to promote them. You can make a deal with a company with a product relevant to your audience and create value for them. This does not mean you need to create a fake or sales video, just mentioning or telling shortly about your experience in a natural way. This way, your viewers can feel connected to you, and if the product appeals to them, they can get it.

Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos are similar to the videos with product placements, but there are some differences. Product placement videos usually do not revolve entirely around the brand and product, while the sponsored videos do.

For example, if you have a channel where you make reviews of video games and a video game producer approaches you to make a review of their game, this is a sponsored video. If it is a good sponsorship, it will let you share your genuine opinion of the product to not sound phony.

Sponsorships come in other, less intruding,  forms too. Some videos can contain a short intro that says that a particular video has been sponsored by a company and can provide a discount code for the viewers to use on their website.

As with product placement, sponsored content should come as genuine and should blend in seamlessly into your style so that your audience can relate to it, and it would not seem like a turn-off from your channel.

The above tips are just some suggestions to monetize your YouTube channel. You can try them and think of more to have several streams of income. This will create a stable and steady cash flow and allow you to do what you love – making great YouTube videos at will!


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