Move Mailboxes Between Office 365 Tenants – Expert Guide

Move Mailboxes Between Office 365 Tenants – Expert Guide

Are you looking for a quick and reliable solution to move mailboxes between Office 365 tenants? if your answer is yes then you have reached the right post. In this informative guide, we are going to describe to you the best way to do the same in Office 365 in a hassle-free way.

Before dive into the step-by-step solution let’s have a quick glance at the user’s query.

User Query:

Had anyone found any slick or smooth way to migrate mailboxes between Office 365 tenants? When you have a company that you support get acquired by another that already has an O365 tenant themselves, but wants the new guys to keep their old email addresses?


In the user query, it is evident that the need to move mailboxes between Office 365 tenants occurs in situations like merger acquisitions and divestiture within the business origination. When they need to migrate the data within the Office 365 tenants.

However, Microsoft did not provide us any direct way or tool to carry out this migration project safely in Office 365. Which leads users to opt for third-party software in order to do the same. We generally consider two ways to do this operation either through manual way using PowerShell scripts or the automated way using the professional utility.

In this article, we will discuss the smooth and hassle-free way for this migration project but before this let’s have an overview of this manual way.

The manual way to move mailboxes between Office 365 tenants is quite tough and tedious and the user must technically sound as he needs to perform the technical PowerShell scripts and minor mistakes in these scripts can result in multiple errors. Moreover, it is not possible for novice users to carry out this tedious work through a manual approach.

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Hence we have come up with a smart and reliable solution to perform this migration in Office 365.

The Recommended Way to Migrate Mailboxes Between Office 365 Tenants

In this situation, it suggested using Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool. This is the most trusted and reliable utility for this operation, as it ensures maximum data protection and ensures 100 % data integrity throughout the whole process. It comes with advanced features like selective data migration, priority-wise migration, the option to re-run migration, and many more.

It supports the latest versions of Windows 10 OS & also to all the older versions as well. You just need to provide the source and the destination admin credentials and the rest will do this utility in order to move mailboxes between Office 365 tenants. This utility is capable of taking place multiple types of data migration in Office 365. Eventually becomes the one-stop solution for its users.

Move Mailboxes Between Office 365 Tenants, By Following the Given Steps:

1 – Install & Run the utility on your Windows machine, now from the main screen select Office 365 as the source and the destination migration platforms.

Move Mailboxes Between

2 – From the workload selection screen, select emails, contacts, documents, & calendars. Also, enable migrate document permissions and allow group mapping, and click on the Next button.

Next button

Note:  For selective data migration you can use the advanced feature of this utility i.e Date Filter. You can migrate mailbox data between Office 365 tenants of a specific date range.  

3 – In this step log in using the source & the destination tenant admin account credentials i.e Application ID & Admin ID. Now click on the validate button in order to validate the required permissions then, click on Next in order to migrate mailboxes between Office 365 tenants.

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4 – Here create user group mapping for the source and destination user account mapping and in order to the same you can use three options provide in this utility such as Fetch Users, Import Users, Download CSV file. You can select the preferable option and create mapping and validate permissions and click next.

Download CSV file

5 – Now in this step click on the start migration button in order to move mailboxes between Office 365 tenants and the migration process will start shortly.

between Office 365

Try Yourself

You can avail of the free demo of this software, in order to do this, you need to download the software and activate it. After activation, you can check the working and performance of this utility. The demo version works for 2 user’s accounts and you can move mailboxes between Office 365 tenants and after that, you need to upgrade to its full version.

Let’s Sum Up Everything:-

Users can face many challenges in order to migrate mailboxes between Office 365 tenants. It can be a daunting and tedious task, if we follow the conventional approach for the same, using the PowerShell scripts.

To make it easier for users seeking this migration in Office 365, we have provided the ultimate solution. By using the above-mentioned tool one can easily perform this operation without any hassle with maximum data protection and integrity.

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