PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Guides and Tips to Win

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Guides and Tips to Win

Whether all is included in our PUBG Guide, now that the match has just reached Seat 7, it will be important. There are more than three years now, but whether you’re a seasoned pro or a PUBG beginner, every day’s a day at play. From beginner tips to identifying cheats and learning the ins and outs of each map, our PUBG guide has everything you could need.

An Ultimate Guide to PUBG

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for assistance with PUBG! We have some suggestions on when and what equipment to take to give you the best shot of being the # 1 surviving player, as well as ways to get your heads around the unorthodox game controls.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Controls Guide

You need to learn how all the buttons operate if you want to live for longer in PUBG, but that might sound simple because some of the triggers are different from other games. Learn how to adjust the grenade throwing action from the third person to the first person in our Guide on how to shoot for PS5 and Xbox in PUBG (and how to explain the rest of our checks).

The Beginner’s Guide PlayerUnknown’s

How does the blue circle function? How do I use a frying pot for my heck? How are you chicken obsessed? You will probably benefit from reading the guide for our beginners in PUBG if these are the kind of questions you are asking yourself: frying pans, blue circle, and a chicken dinner.

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You will need some pointers for the remaining 99 players if you want to start until the last circle. Check out our PUBG tips – 10 ways to survive and win the chicken dinner and get closer to a triumphant meal.

PUBG maps

Maps for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Erangel is an enormous city, with a multitude of areas and terrains impacting how you get about and the type of loot you might hope to find. We then have the Miramar Deserts, the compact Sanhock, the snowy Vikendi, and the smaller Karakin, who have their own unique areas for exploration. In order to demonstrate how dangerous each of the major locations is, we have broken down all regions in our map guides:

The best weapon of PlayerUnknown’s

You would have to get a decent arsenal if you want to survive; so PUBG has a range of assault weapons, SMGs, handguns, weapons for a sniper, and other things for scavenging. If you want to know the gunmen, look for the best PUBG guns, what are the best weapons?

The Best Armor in PUBG

Every helmet and screw jacket in PUBG has a level of the armor of one to third, and it could save your life in firefighting if you understand the differences in durability and damage loss. In our PUBG armor we have all the information you need – get the best helmets and jackets.

The best starting gear for PlayerUnknown

You will have to catch as much loot as you can as soon as you parachute into a PUBG round – but you only bring at once so much, which means you have to decide what you take. We also grouped products in stages based on the importance of these in our guide to help you with these choices.

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Cheats explained in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

If you are a PC player and sense something’s wrong, and even one of your competitors is suspicious, they might be using some sort of trick. We have the most well-known PUBG cheats explained if you want to know more about what could happen.

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