Pro Tips for Your Instagram Home Decor Business

Pro Tips for Your Instagram Home Decor Business

If you have a home décor business and also struggling to promote it online but unfortunately your plans are not working out then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will see how you can promote your home décor business using Instagram.

Time Your Post

To promote your décor business you need most of your followers to see your posts but what is the way to ensure that? If your answer is good content and high-quality posts, then you are partially correct. Besides good and high-quality content you have to schedule your posts, you need to fix a specific routine for posting your content. The right time to post is when your followers are most active on Instagram. Now, how will you know when your followers are most active? Well, that’s simple; if you have a business account then you can easily use the analytics feature of Instagram and check out when your followers are most active on Instagram.

Image Orientation

No matter what business you do, but especially if you are on home décor then the orientation of images plays a significant role in influencing the response to your posts. The best orientation for home décor is vertical and it is also logical. Just think, when you enter into a new room, in which directions your eyes first move? You will first look up and then down. So your posts should also be vertical so that your followers can get a glimpse of the flooring and ceiling.

Editing Your Photos

Most home décor businesses fail to survive online because they fail to edit their posts properly. But you will not do the same mistake. If you want to grow your home décor business then you have to make your posts natural and genuine. The first thing you have to do is to provide an accurate portrayal of colors and lights in your posts and for that; the necessary thing is to stop using filters. You can adjust the brightness if you think it’s too dark or bright accordingly.

Follow Right Accounts

Growing in Instagram is not all about gaining followers; it’s also about following others. If you want your business to flourish then you also have to follow the right accounts. The accounts you follow and interact with generate a signal according to which the Instagram algorithm ranks your posts. If you want to improve your rank in the Explore tab and get viewed by many people then you have to follow the accounts belonging to your domain, accounts that are interested to do business with you, and accounts that your clients follow.

Build a Connection with Your Followers

Followers are your God, so be humble and warm with them. Take time and reply to all their comments. DM your new followers and tell them about your business and other facilities, ask them about their home designs, thank them for following your account, and lastly do not forget to give them the link to your website. It will be a good gesture if you give them a follow back.

If you want your posts to get more comments then buy IG comments from relevant websites.

Engage With the Right Accounts

As said in the previous point, you must follow the right accounts but follow is not enough. Businesses on Instagram work on a give and take policy. Besides following others, you also have to engage with them. Most people just post their content and wait for likes and follows but things do not work that way. You also have to like and comment on others’ posts; share their posts if you find them interesting. But before sharing, do not forget to ask for permission to avoid getting copyright claims. Just a gentle reminder, it will be beneficial if you follow accounts that are from the same domain as yours i.e. home décor.

Use Proper Hashtags

Having an effective hashtag strategy is a must for boosting visibility on Instagram. But improper use of hashtags will do just the opposite; instead of increasing the visibility of your posts, they will reduce it. So what is the solution? Well, it’s easy just to do a bit of research to find hashtags that represent your business and are also relevant to your brand. Another thing that you must keep in mind is during your research you will find a lot of hashtags that will seem to be a proper fit for your business but using all those hashtags will make your posts look clumsy so be specific and use only the most appropriate ones. According to Forbes, the best place to place your hashtags is in the comments.


These are some tips that will help you to grow your home décor business on Instagram. Besides all these tips do not forget to complete your profile and most importantly do not forget to add your website link in your bio.



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