Quantum Computing: Solving Complexity Classically

Quantum Computing: Solving Complexity Classically

In 1998 Isaac Chuang created the first quantum computer to load data and output solution. Quantum computing and classical computers both solve problems, but quantum computer uses two principles such as entanglement and superposition to perform calculations. Superposition is the counterintuitive ability of a quantum object to simultaneously exist in multiple states. Entanglement is a phenomenon in which quantum entities are created or manipulated. Quantum computers are ideally suited to solve complex problems which are hard for classical computers but are easy to factor on a quantum computer.

Advantages of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing advantages over traditional computing are listed below.

  • In quantum computing qubit is the conventional superposition state so they have the advantage of exponential speed up and they can solve any problems faster.
  • Another advantage of quantum computing is that classical algorithm calculations are performed in it.
  • It computes any problems faster than traditional computers.

Disadvantages of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing disadvantages over traditional computing are listed below.

  • The main disadvantage of quantum computing is that the technology required to implement a quantum computer is not currently present. The reason behind this is that consistent electron gets damaged when it gets affected by the environment and electron is the essential part for the quantum computing.
  • Electron is the most important factor to implement quantum computing, but no positive solutions are found yet for this problem.
  • Supercomputers do not have the working memory to hold combinations of real-world problems.

Applications of the Quantum Computing

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the prominent areas, as the technologies are emerging, we see some of them in our daily lives such as voice, handwriting, image recognition. However, as the number of applications increases, it becomes difficult for classical computers to handle it, where quantum computers are used, they process high complex problems in less time.
  • Computational Chemistry- In computational chemistry, the number of quantum states even in the tiniest of the molecule is vast so it becomes difficult for conventional computer memory to process it whereas a quantum computer can easily process it and opens opportunity for the pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Weather Forecasting- It is a process of analysing weather conditions with the help of traditional computers that take a long time. But the ability of a quantum computer to crust a vast amount of data in a short time could lead to enhancing weather system modelling allowing scientists to predict the changing weather patterns with excellent accuracy.
  • Logistics Optimization- Improved data analysis and robust data modelling enable a wide range of industries to optimize their logistics and improved workflow. The operating models need to calculate routes of traffic management and by using conventional computer situations can become more complex, so quantum computers are used.
  • Cybersecurity and Cryptography- The online security space is quite vulnerable due to cyber-attacks occurring across the globe. Quantum computing and machine learning can help in developing various techniques to handle cybersecurity threats. Also, quantum computing can help in designing encryption methods which generally known as quantum cryptography.
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Quantum computers have the potential to solve some problems. While no quantum computer is sophisticated enough to carry out the problems that classical computers cannot. The report by ASTUTE Analytica analyse the overall growth of the Quantum Computing market at a CAGR of 25% for the forecast period 2021-2027.

Commercialism quantum computers is a complex task. It is not possible to maintain the quantum mechanical states of qubits for a long period as they are delicate and get easily affected by the environment, temperature, frequency, and noise. Though the adoption of quantum computers in the banking and finance industry is increasing the speed of trade activities, data processing, and transactions.

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