Raves For The Under 5s

  1. Ear Aware

Baby ravers still have baby ears, and while you may be used to those deep bass sounds and ultra highs younger children’s ears have not had time to toughen up. So much music, from house and garage to that happy type of hardcore – everything is kept at child-friendly volume levels, however, just to be on the safe side we advise you to bring along some ear defenders for the tiny tots or young kids, they can be overwhelmed by loud noise. With this handy hint, you can ensure that the younger members of the party will love their experience – and you won’t hear a word of complaint.

  1. “Wear Sun Screen” – Baz Luhrman

When Baz Luhrman said “everybody is free – to wear sunscreen’ he was providing some valuable advice. The Raver Tots festivals and events have become well known for sheer fun. Giant inflatables, confetti, stalls – and great music (of course). However, even if the youngsters and toddlers are under cover most of the day they’ll be extremely active (remember those inflatables). Always ensure that your little raver is covered from head to tippy toes with sunscreen with a high UV rating. And remember – hydration is (as always) incredibly important. Add some rave shades, and a rave-worthy head covering and it’s time to party!

  1. Dress for the Occasion

It’s not unusual for Raver Tot events to sell out – and that can mean that venues are pretty crowded (some hold 1500 people). In the interest of safety, we always advise caregivers to dress the little ones in bright and conspicuous colors – they’ll be easier to spot in the crowd. Neons and white are also a great choice as the little ones will glow once the UV lighting is switched up. Make sure that you are also dressed for comfort and coolness – it is after all a dance party.

  1. No Strobe Environment

There’s always going to be a lot of visual action at the events, flashing lights, and animations on television sets, however, Raver Tots do not make use of strobe lights. This means that it is a safe environment from the point of view of damage to the eyes and in order to accommodate those who may suffer from epilepsy or a similar condition. There will be disco balls, lasers, giant light up toy swords and UV light – would it be a Raver Tot experience without those?

  1. Attack!

Keeping the tempo up on the dance floor burns a lot of energy – you’re going to need to top up your tank. We make sure that there is a cafe or some kind of concession stand – plenty of choices when it comes to food and drinks. We also make sure that adult beverages are available – but we advise all caregivers to drink responsibly – you are in charge of precious cargo. Have a meal before heading out to join in the fun – it’ll make sure that the tiny Ravers are full to the brim with energy and ready to make their mark on the dancefloor (or the nearest inflatable).

  1. All Ages are Welcome

The very tiny ravers may not be able to walk yet – but they can also join in the fun. Make sure to bring a baby sling or a carrier. They’re the perfect way to have your tiny dancer join you on the dancefloor. They’ll be with you all the time – so safe as houses. Buggies can also be brought to the venue – but they’re going to have to be parked in the area set aside for that purpose. For obvious reasons, they cannot make their way onto the dance floor.

  1. The Point is to Have Fun

Escape from the worries of the world and simply relax at one of these wonderful events. Let go of your cares for a little while and immerse yourself in your favorite music. The type that still gets your hips swaying after all these years. Teach the kids – and learn something about the joy of youth – and maybe some new moves. The events are a gentle (yet exciting) and fun way to introduce the kids to your favorite genre of music. Crack that glow stick, hand it over to the littlest raver, and simply lose yourself in love and music.


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