5 Tips to Use Social Media Covers to Grow Your Business

5 Tips to Use Social Media Covers to Grow Your Business

Social media covers are not just regular images, they are an opportunity to promote your businesses. You may be wondering how’s that possible right? Well, it’s possible, and we will tell you five tips to use social media covers to grow your business. But before getting into details, here are a few things you should know.

What is A Social Media Cover?

A social media cover is an image that is placed at the top section of a social media profile page. It is the easiest way to communicate with your targeted potential audience because it is the first thing any visitor will see when they visit your profile page. These covers are an amazing way for branding your business.

Several social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc have merged it to help their users with sharing more information. Even boring companies have utilized social media covers as a vital part of their branding tools and make their services captivating. You don’t need to spend a high budget on creating a social media cover, even you can do it yourself using free tools.

Which Tools Should You Use to Design Your Social Media Cover?

The internet is filled with tools that you can use to make your social media, but which are the best for your business? That’s the real question, and we have answered that below.

  • Canva- It is the easiest tool to use for making your social media cover because it offers a lot of free features that other tools don’t offer. However, its paid version is also worth using.
  • Brand Crowd– If you’re not that creative and more interested in using custom social media cover, then Brand Crowd is the ideal option for you. It offers a limited variety in free version, however, its premium version is much more effective. Usually, people use Brand Crowd Discount Codes to get access to premium social media covers.
  • Lumen5- It helps in creating video social media covers for platforms such as Facebook.
  • BeFunky- It is a photo editing tool that lets you create your social media cover using your own pictures.

Usually, people hire competent designers to create a social media cover for them because of the creativity they can put into it. It is common among people to use online discount codes for ordering social media covers at affordable prices.

Where Can You Use Social Media Cover?

Almost all social media networks have integrated social media cover for their users. A few of them are the following:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Whether your business is B2B or B2C on these social media networks, you can use social media covers to promote your brand. So, let’s discuss five tips to use social media covers.

Social Media Covers – Boost Your Business Growth

Here are some top 5 tips to boost up your business using social media covers.

1. Promote Your Product or Service

It is the most common use of social media covers, if you have space to talk about what you sell, then why shouldn’t you utilise it? You could also use them to promote your new product or event or anything new you want to tell your potential customers.

2. Tell Them What You Do

It is the foremost and most effective way to hook your visitor’s attention. The first thing any visitor will look at is the social media cover image. If he finds it interesting and engaging, then he will scroll down your profile page to learn more about your business.

3. Show Your Team 

Another effective tips to use social media covers is to impress your potential audience is to show your team behind the actions of your business. You can show your team discussing the launch of a new product or talking about the company’s growth. It shows that you respect your team’s effort that they are putting into your business and show a more human side.

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4. Promote a Sale

If you’re in an e-commerce business, then you can use social media cover for promoting your sale. You can announce your summer, winter, or spring sale on the cover and hook the visitor’s attention with captivating headlines. Facebook is the best social media network for all the people who have online stores. You can also promote any special event or day sale on your profile page.

5. Promote an Event

If you’re hosting an event, social media covers is a great way to promote them to your potential audience. You can give useful information to your audience, such as when the events are taking place? how much does the ticket cost? etc.

Common Mistakes in Social Media Covers

There are several mistakes one can make while making a social media cover, and it could affect your business reputation. But the following mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

  • The mistake which is seen most times is that people tend to add more information to the cover. Social media covers are meant to hook your audience by giving them a little information about your business, not to share all information in one image. People add too many product images, their contact details, addresses, and other things in just one image. A simple image that matches the concept of your brand is enough to serve as your social media cover.
  • Each social media network requires a specific dimension for the cover image that people fail to realize at most times. Even if you get a perfect design for your business but if the required dimensions are not met, then it’s all a waste. Firstly, social media covers should be in landscape orientation (width should be longer than the height). Secondly, each social media network has its requirement which needs to be followed.
  • The design and information on your social media cover should be clear as much possible. The standard resolution for any image should be between the range of 100dip to 300dip, anything below that range will result in a blurry design. Ensure your social media cover design is in higher definition.

Last Words

So, this is the end. We have shared all the information you should know about your business’s social media cover. You can utilise the mentioned tools for getting a creative social media cover, and don’t forget to practice the tips to use social media covers they will help you a lot. And lastly, make sure to avoid mistakes.

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