TheWiSpy: Best App to Monitor Remote Employees in 2021

TheWiSpy: Best App to Monitor Remote Employees in 2021

There were times when employers had to go out of the way to track employees; people use to hire detectives if they had doubts about workers. As time passes and technology advanced, so did the approach of monitoring employees.

There are employee monitoring apps that are to spy on workers remotely. The employee surveillance app has advanced monitoring features that tracking remote employees within seconds. If your employees work from home, then a monitoring app is essential for managing office productivity.

TheWiSpy: Best employee monitoring app:

TheWiSpy is android employee monitoring software that tracks daily employee work routines from a remote centralized place.  Special controls are given to employers that they can use to get access to company-owned devices. THEWISPY is the best employee monitoring app because it offers advanced features that can reduce the employer’s stress and help them increase productivity.

We offer more than 30 employee monitoring software with advanced functionality. There is no better tracking app than TheWiSpy because it offers all these functions with an easy interface. By following simple steps, anyone can start monitoring with the TheWiSpy app.

Key features of employee monitoring software:

When a customer looks for a monitoring app for spying on their employee, they want the app to ensure security and offer real-time results. The first thing that they notice is if the app features are offering standard results that I need.

The whole employee surveillance app has advanced features that can bring accurate seconds. Following are advanced TheWiSpy features that play a high role in monitoring employees from remote access.

·  Call tracking:

If the employees work in the office space or work from home, this feature is very helpful anyway. Employers can view call details, history and monitor who their work is in touch with. The feature enables the device to fetch all information and send it to the dashboard for viewing.

·   Surround recording:

Employers have a different reason to monitor office workers, and if you doubt your employee being disloyal, this feature is the solution. When your employee is in a meeting, you can turn on the surround recording feature on employee monitoring software and listen to the whole conversation afterward.

·   GPS tracking:

Are you stressed out about monitoring your employees who are working from home? Well, we offer you a GPS monitoring feature in which you can track their live location anytime. The app will provide real-time GPS location instantly and notify you when an employee is around the region.

·    Text message tracking:

What an instant way to track employee activity? It checks their text message history—theWiSpy offer text message tracking feature for employers to view all conversation of their employees.

·        App monitoring:

The work effects because of distance working and imagine if your employee spends his working hours on social media app or gaming apps. It will be worse, but the solution is available as an employee surveillance app. It offers an app monitoring feature that can help keep track of the work progress and digital activity.

Other features:

·   Multimedia monitoring:

The company-owned devices that have TheWiSpy installed are accessible to employers remotely. Through multimedia monitoring, users can access all multimedia files with a single click. The app will gather all the information and bring it to the user in seconds.

·    Keylogger:

It will store all typed passwords and strokes on the keyword and use it to spy on the target device.

·   Email tracking:

The employer can track the email activity of their workers using this feature.

·   Instant alert:

The app user will receive instant alerts for GPS location and live digital activity.

What does TheWiSpy offer for customers?

TheWiSpy is a high-quality employee monitoring software that offers high-standard services to its customers. The app’s advanced features help users monitor employees from a remote distance and help make business better. Following are incredible services are offered to customers for top-notch results.

Increase productivity:

The primary goal of monitoring employees is, in the end, getting increased productivity; that’s the dream of every employer. TheWiSpy unique feature help businesses grow by giving them effective controls used to track the daily work activity of workers. There are features and functions especially built for spying productivity and helping employers better manage.

Offer remote monitoring:

You work from a home-based business and are worried about how to monitor workers? If you want to run a company towards success, it is important to monitor employees and their daily progress. TheWiSpy helps employers in remote monitoring all the activities.

Affordable software plans:

Have you ever experienced quality results in affordable pricing? It’s possible but rarely, but with TheWiSpy, you can now enjoy high-quality employee monitoring software services in affordable plans. You can choose a reasonable plan according to your need and enjoy spying at the best prices possible.

Android devices support:

You can start monitoring right away without any worry because TheWiSpy supports almost every android device. TheWiSpy software is compatible with Android devices like Samsung, LG, VIVO, etc.

Time optimization:

Time is the real asset in running a successful business, don’t stress yourself over managing employee’s time table and meetings when you can use the TheWiSpy app. It helps employers optimize time with advanced functionality and help manage precious time to increase productivity.

Enhanced data security:

Data is a company’s primary asset; there are work secrets that shouldn’t leak, or else the whole dynamic will be disturbed. TheWiSpy offers a unique feature that helps in protecting company secrets and data by monitoring traitors.

24/7 customer support:

We believe in customer satisfaction; hence we work hard to provide the best customer support. We have our team that works 24/7 to provide instant responses to queries.

Conclusion though:

If you want to monitor your employees from a central location remotely and get a quality result, then TheWiSpy is the solution for you. It offers 30+ highly advanced spying features that will track work rate and efficiency. You can catch company traitors red handed with the help of this app’s functionality in seconds.



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