How To Defend Against Malicious IP Addresses On The Cloud

How To Defend Against Malicious IP Addresses On The Cloud

What is an IP Address: 

Internet Protocol is represented as an IP address. If you need to send and receive any information, your computer, laptop, or phone will require a specific code or number to indicate your particular system. Our policy or the internet service assumes certain numbers to identify you, and your IP address should be the number. The IP address will mention you when you go and when you use your order. This enables you to trace your presence easily and identify your account details when you are out of the country or kidnapped by someone, provided the system is with you. But there are people known as trackers who want to follow you and obtain your information and transactions with private and untraceable ID. In this subject, I want to mention how to deal with these worst situations and defend against tracking IP addresses.

How Malicious Can Done: 

This type of phishing IP address is dangerous to our system and is labeled as “Malicious.” The first sign of trouble in online processes is the start of this condition. Later, it continues to collect legitimate user data on our system for a week. Finally, it may, at long last, shut down completely. If you figure out what’s going on, the first thing you should do is protect your information by transferring it to another system; this could be personal photos or bank account information. This is the time to be extremely cautious and prudent in order to avoid significant losses. One way to do that is to protect your data is through keeping a close eye on your router’s IP address that is If the problem persists in your system, proceed with the steps outlined in the paragraph below.

Protect Your IP Address: 

Method For Protecting Passwords: 

If your birthday is September 7th, 2019, you should not use the password 7919 because hackers have access to all of your personal information prior to committing a fraud.

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Keeping the date of your dog’s birthday as a secret password is the best way. This may come across as amusing, but the end result is fantastic.

Malicious APPS Should Be Removed From Your Computer: 

The most successful hackers use your apps to con you. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution when accepting all permission from those apps. When you click ‘allow all permissions,’ the hackers create confidential apps and try to dupe you. So, only use the apps recommended by editors. Alternatively, the best option is to delete the malicious apps.


When dealing with the most sensitive information, you should use ‘incognito mode.’ It’s a great way to get taken advantage of.


The best option is to use a VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. This provides the safest method of internet access. However, using a cloud infrastructure to manage attacks is a favorite tactic of cyber criminals trying to hide their activities and an effective way to mask malicious IP addresses.

For Example, Unfortunately, however, remember Criminal organisations may target companies with email malware campaigns. When you open the email attachment or link, it exploits outdated software on the victim’s computer and opens a channel to the C & C server of the attacker.

Ø A public cloud-like the AWS or Google Cloud hosts the C & C server. This means the attacker can use the server’s IP address — owned by the cloud provider — without revealing information in the WHOIS database. In addition, these cloud instances can be fraudulently registered and paid for, making it virtually impossible to track back to the real perpetrator.

Ø What can an organization do when victimizing one of these attacks? It can not block the entire range of malicious IP addresses from which the attack originates, as it may also block legitimate services using the same cloud provider. Individual malicious IP addresses may be blocked, but attackers tend to have many and may rotate them to make it difficult to stop malicious traffic completely. However, it is still worth blacklisting the exact IP addresses linked to malicious activity; they can sometimes be hardcoded in the attackers’ malware, and blacklisting can completely disable the attack.

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Ø You can also take additional steps. First, report cloud providers’ malicious IP addresses. After that, the cloud provider will investigate and shut down the offending instance in many cases, though prepared to take some time. However, remember that this is not a guaranteed fix, and some cloud providers are not reliable in their infrastructure to disable malicious activity.

Ø IfAfter that, the cloud provider will the cloud provider does not respond after a short time, report malicious IP addresses to a threat intelligence provider likeThreatCrowd, Cisco Umbrella, Pulselive, or AlienVault OTX. Then the IP address will appear on these threat intelligence feeds and help other organizations know and block offending IPs. You can also report attacks to the country’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team hosting the IP address, which may influence the hosting company to make it address the problem.

Overall, it is up to hosting providers to address the issue of malicious cloud IP addresses as their infrastructure is being abused. Of course, some care more than others, but you can help others by reporting malicious IP addresses to various threat intelligence feeds as part of your remediation process.

Defensive Strategy:     

Steps For The Process

Step 1: Install software that only allows user-friendly methods of destruction and not any other methods.

 Step 2: Make use of software that keeps your personal information private at all times.

 Step 3: Because malicious IP addresses are legitimate and not illegal, blocking them on a large scale is difficult. So, for the time being, transfer your information to another system and deactivate it.

 Step 4: Notify the cloud provider about the malicious IP address. Make a complaint to the Intelligence provider, such as AlienVault OTX, if they do not respond. The information about the malicious IP address will be reported as a result, and they will defend a stream of IP addresses as a result.

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