Tips You Need To Know For Travelling During Covid

Tips You Need To Know For Travelling During Covid
Bangkok, Thailand - February 18, 2020: Air travelers wearing masks walk through departures hall of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thailand has been assessed as a country at risk of Covid-19 outside of China.

When COVID-19 spread to the rest of the world in early 2020, the whole world went into lockdown. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, our lives have never been the same. Most businesses are suffering from low customer demand, forced closure orders, supply chain issues, and a lot more. While most lockdown restrictions have been lifted, people are still trying their best to avoid public transport. In our opinion, it’s a good idea considering that many people refuse to take vaccines and to wear protective masks. In such a situation, travelling by car is the best option. This blog post will talk about the best tips for travelling in your vehicle during COVID-19.

Tips for Travelling During COVID-19

Please keep in mind that travelling in the car does not prevent the risk of COVID-19. Therefore, you need to be cautious and take a car disinfection service before going for a trip. Here is what you need to do for a safe and corona-free trip.

Pick a Hassle-Free Destination

If you are travelling for holidays, we recommend picking a place with too many visitors. The reason is that famous areas are a hot spot for the virus, meaning that you must stay away even if you are vaccinated. There is no point in travelling to famous tourist areas if you are bound to contract the virus.


Things can get really tricky here. If possible, try to stay with a close friend or relative. If not, check for hotels/motels in their area. Specifically, ask the manager about their sanitisation services and how they clean their bedsheets. If you are satisfied, look for reviews online. Google reviews can tell you a lot about customer service nowadays. You may even opt for camping. Although it is a safer alternative from the coronavirus perspective, it can be dangerous and challenging.

Pack the Essentials

It would be best if you had enough face masks, sanitiser, and disposable gloves. The amount depends on the distance. If it is a cross country trip, pack accordingly. In case it is a few hours trip, you need to pack lightly. Although we recognise that it is challenging but try to pack all your snacks from home. The reason is that if you stop for snacks during the risk, you are exposing yourself to risk. At least pack enough water to last throughout the trip.

Bathroom Breaks

We will not say that you should avoid bathroom breaks because it is outright impossible and against nature. Instead, we recommend cleaning the toilet seat with sanitiser and then using a tissue to dry it off before carrying on with your business. Make sure that you are wearing disposable gloves when you leave the car. Once you are done, wash your hands thoroughly and use a sanitiser. One more thing, keep wearing the mask when in the washroom and throw it away when you are outside the washroom. Then wear a clean mask. You do not want toilet germs on your mask.


Do not compromise on safety. Always keep your phone charged at all times and keep a power bank. Moreover, you have to make sure that your emergency contacts are updated. You must know how to use your phone’s SOS feature. If you are planning a trip to a remote area, invest in a satellite phone or messenger. While they may be expensive, never compromise on safety.


Earlier, we said to pack your snacks. But the thing is that it is impossible to pack everything, meaning that you will need to stop at a restaurant for food. We recommend that you opt for takeaway and park in a friendly, safe place to eat your meal. The meal will help replenish much-needed energy, and at the same time, you can stay safe.

Wrap Up

It concludes today’s blog post on safe auto travelling during COVID-19. Please take the vaccine, wear masks, and act responsibly for your safety and those of others. It will go a long way in returning to normalcy. Thank You and Good Luck with your trip.

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