Top 5 Latest website Design Trends 2021

Top 5 Latest website Design Trends 2021

Web design always takes a new shape with the constant updates and trends. We here introduce and review the top five latest web design trends. Most of 2021’s web design trends share a common phenomenon. Web designers took the new heights of realism rather than aspiring to hi-tech fantasy.

In this way, the following five latest web design trends for 2021 are breathing new life into the digital world, making it more inclusive and accessible.

Parallax scroll animations

Parallax is an optical illusion that occurs when objects near the viewer appear to move faster than those are farther away. This effect on web pages has been there for years. However, in 2021, you can expect more subtle and creative parallax effects than before. These animations help you eliminate the boredom of flat web pages created by the traditional drag and drop plugins. 

The depth created using foreground and background can add depth and movement and thereby give a subtle browsing experience like 3D. When users navigate through the web page, they feel it is so real and convincing.


Neumorphism is one of the potential new trends in User Interface design. It has incredible traction, and 2021 will be just even better. With Neumorphism, flat icons can be turned into realistic 3D objects. This is the successor of skeuomorphism. — the design approach to incorporate renderings of familiar.

The Neumorphism effect is not so difficult. It’s like playing with two shadows, one with negative values while the other with positive ones. But, for it to work, the background should not be fully black or fully white. It needs to be at least a tiny bit of tint so that both dark and ‘light’ shadows will be visible. 

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Commonly, this effect resembles digital embossing or debossing. It allows the designers to insert the tactile experience that was not an option in the flat designs. This, in turn, enhances the user’s connection with the design he interacts with. We can expect to see this stylized realism on the search bars, buttons, and text boxes across all the digital designs of 2021.

Seamless Surrealism

Collage art trend is moving furthermore, credits to the web designers who are designing websites in a surrealist style. This technique is characterized by positioning elements upon counter-intuitive and unusual backgrounds. In this, icons can be placed on image-based backgrounds. It lets viewers see them in an entirely different light. 

Surrealism in web design involves flamboyant colors and textures presenting the abstract and artistic mind of the creator. Over time, many e-commerce sites are using this trend in presenting their products in a novel rather emotional way.

Three-dimensional colors

Color schemes in web designing have been trending towards gradients for a while, and in 2021, the trend feels like rather than taking a new turn, it will be the next evolution. With color transitions becoming livelier than ever, 3D colors would likely be dominating soon. Taking their nod from Apple’s Big Sur OS, we expect saturated and three-dimensional colors in the future. 

These colors come with juicy graphics, gradients, and shadow effects. Web designers move on from the traditional grids even they look neat towards the imperfect and more realistic blended colors. On the whole, this trend suggests that the web design colors of 2021 are aspiring to higher realms of realism.

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Playful Typography and Animation effects

Animated typographic elements used for decorative purposes are becoming the reasons to grab attention from the visitors. This creative design trend is different from the type-related techniques that we’re used to seeing. 

An animated string of words structured as a particular shape contrary to the traditional horizontal, left-to-right format. This element’s role will mainly be for decorative purposes rather than as a text that is to be read. Designers typically use this technique to convey the branding or marketing objective by creating a desired vibe or visual theme. 

This can act as a strong communicator of the brand story. The personification of this typography has no limits.


Therefore, website design is a major factor that impacts SEO rankings and performance. So, be careful while choosing the website design trend. Hope this Latest Website design trends of 2021 will help you understand and choose the best design for your website.

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