Top AngularJS frameworks in 2021

We invite you to get acquainted with these fantastic tools. It is not without a reason that they have gained such immense popularity. This list will definitely come in handy for web developers.

The main problem in the process of creating any software is to start writing code. Especially if the process starts from scratch. And some programmers are stuck even because of the need to make minor edits or add a couple of functions. If that’s you, be sure to use AngularJS and to learn more about But to take full advantage of this powerful JavaScript framework, you need to know a thing or two about its very best frameworks. We will talk about them further.


Evan Framework released Vue in 2014. Today it is one of the most famous frameworks and an almost indispensable tool for client-side programming because it can significantly improve the user interface. Vue’s greatest convenience is that it has a condensed structure and can handle programs of any size.


React is actively used by the world’s largest companies. It owes its popularity especially to its well-known developer, Facebook. React’s cross-platform nature makes it a great template. With this tool, you can radically change the user interface. And you can also reuse the code written in it as many times as you like.

AngularUI Bootstrap

As you can see from the name, it is clear that this framework is based on Bootstrap. Besides the main features of Bootstrap, it also comes equipped with HTML coding functionality. Note that AngularUI Bootstrap only runs on AngularJS, although Bootstrap is only compatible with jQuery.

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Looking for a framework to improve the scalability of your code? Here it is – Ionic! This tool works great with AngularJS to build quality mashups. Thanks to its support for all codes (JS, HTML, and CSS), it is very popular among web developers. The main advantage of Ionic is that it can be used in conjunction with platforms designed for web applications to create a mobile application from the site.

Mobile Angular UI

An excellent choice for developers of mobile applications, because it specializes in this specific area. With Mobile Angular UI, you can develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS. In addition, there is support for mashups, which can be a significant time-saver.

Angular Material

The difference between Angular Material and other similar platforms is that it allows you to create layouts, which makes your website pages look very beautiful. What makes this framework the best of its kind is that it helps to correctly compose elements.

Radian of Angular

Plain text often looks boring. To make the application more interesting, you can use Radian and add several illustration diagrams to your project. This framework allows you to achieve stunning visuals. Plus, it’s free and perfectly compatible with HTML files. In addition, the JS library can be used to create the required graphs.

Mean IO

Web development takes long and hard work to write code. This process can be greatly facilitated with the help of Mean IO. This framework is used to create simple, yet fast and effective web pages.

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Sooner or later, work with the code ends. And then, standing at the finish line, the developer is obliged to test his own creation before showing it to the customer. In order to make sure that your application is working correctly, you can test it on Protractor. This Angular framework works very efficiently and is ready to help you build both client-side and server-side applications.

We’ve told you about several frameworks with different specializations, each of which is able to facilitate and improve your workflow in its own way. Now all you have to do is figure out which platform is best suited for realizing your goals.

AngularJS can be the perfect helper because has great potential. But for this, the web developer needs to know how to use it well. Some of the tools in this framework are for testing, others for structuring, others for formatting, and so on. So, the choice must be made thoughtfully and reasonably. Then success is definitely guaranteed to you!

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