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Every server has its own customised version of node and js engine and this helps the browser with the server side programming. It was initially designed for non-blocking, event driven servers for websites which are traditional. 

Node.js is now popular among the programmers who develop different applications. Node.js is an open-source, cross -platform runtime environment which helps the application developer to create different varieties of server-side tools and applications in javascripts. 

In this article we will try to provide you with reasons and the explanations behind them for why we and other experts around the globe think that it is a clever move to go for Node.js for web development. 

If we consider making an application it is very important for us to consider using Node.js as the open-source for our application. And the reasons why we should think that are 

  • Modular design – when we use the regular java we get the monolithic application development but when we switch to Node.js it shows modular design which makes sure of the agile application development. When working Nodes.js it is guaranteed that the whole development process will be done in a way less amount of time in comparison with normal javascript. And this has been confirmed by various researchers who have conducted a development of an app using the two different servers and as a result it was proved that the team who were using Nodes.js did the whole work in way less time. 
  • Server-side and browser development – Node.js supports highly complex and feature rich business apps. This is mainly due to the flexibility of it, it can use the same code for both the browser and the server side. 
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This is a very good reason to go for node.js while developing a web application and you can Check out our company and hire the best node.js developer

    •  Largest package ecosystem – there are other several servers who have a lot of different ecosystem packages but this one is the largest among them. On a daily basis nearly 30 packages are added to the system. Now according to the last report there are a total of 3000,000 packages. This number makes it the largest package ecosystem ever. This helps to enable very quick support to the Nodes.js development companies. 
    •  Enhanced collaboration – nodes.js development companies have a different fame in the field of collaboration. They have a very prominent and praiseworthy amount of collaboration with others. The code used by Nodes.js makes it easy to share as the discrete individual components along with discrete functionalities are smoothly shareable across the team to engage more collaborative web or app development. 
  • Shorter time to market- as mentioned above a good node.js development ensures that the time which one needs to develop a good app is visibly less. If you go for normal javascript for example , developing a certain app will take a time of 8 months and the same app can be developed within just 2 months if you use node.js instead. So, this is a very good and valid reason why you should always go for Nodes.js while you decide to develop a good web application. 
  •  Performance – with all above mentioned qualities of Nodes.js it is quite clear by now that any app which is developed with the help of Nodes.js instead of java or .Net. will be better in aspects of design as well as performance. These apps will be faster and provide better programming and management systems. These apps can be customised in way better styles and thus are more attractive, which ensures more customers and a better business through the app. 
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One of the most attractive reasons among the said is the fact that apps made using Node.js have capability to collaborate with others way more than apps developed with java or any other server. 

These are the top reasons why you should definitely go for Node.js while developing web applications and be sure that your decision is 100% correct and this will bear you the sweetest fruits in the near future. 

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