Transfer your Outlook PST files in an Instant

Transfer your Outlook PST files in an Instant

Trying a smart tool for transferring your PST files into MBOX format is all you need. The application is capable to transfer all your Outlook PST files into MBOX format in just a few minutes in an error-free way. All your Outlook PST files are transferred into the MBOX format flawlessly. Users just need to install this amazing application in their system. The downloading of this application is simple. Moreover, users can use this amazing app in any version of their Windows or Mac Operating System.

This Mailvita Transfer PST to MBOX tool provides the users a versatile platform to all the users. Users who do not have much technical knowledge can also transfer their PST files to MBOX format easily without any technical assistance. The application supports each and every version of MS Outlook. Smoothly and steadily all your Outlook PST files are transferred. Moreover, users are free to transfer any size of PST file and can transfer entire PST files easily.

Maintaining the quality and originality of the data, the PST to MBOX tool provides the result to its users. A safe and secure transferring of data is followed every time with the help of this amazing tool. The application provides a simple user-friendly interface. It is an independent application that transfers the files directly in an efficient and effortless manner. Users can easily use this application regardless of the Operating System they are using, it works on both Windows as well as Mac in the newest or oldest version of the Mac as well as Windows. Moreover, users are free to download the trial version of the application which is available for free.

Need of conversion of PST files

If you are a user who is shifting from Windows to Apple Mail and want a backup of all your files then you have to transfer all your PST files in the MBOX format. Users are free to customize their transferred MBOX files as per their need. In addition, MBOX files are supported in multiple clients e.g. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

Steps to Transfer

There are a few steps to transfer your PST files into MBOX format using this application. Below are the steps provided?

Step 1- Firstly download the PST to MBOX on any of your Windows or Mac Operating System

Step 2- Secondly, Launch the app

Step 3- Now, choose the PST files that you want to transfer into MBOX format

Step 4- Preview the selected PST files

Step 5- Select the format in which you want to transfer the PST file into

Step 6- Choose the destination path for saving the transferred PST file

Step 7- At last click on the “convert” button

With these simple steps, you will be able to transfer all your PST files into the MBOX format.

Features of PST to MBOX tool

There are the features of this PST to MBOX tool that a user must-see. Below are the features discussed of this PST to MBOX tool?

  • Selective PST file transfer: – A selective transfer of PST file is performed every time by this amazing application. The application scans and previews the data. This PST to MBOX tool first previews and scans your data and then transfers it into the MBOX format. Also, users can select the Outlook PST files that they want to transfer into MBOX format.  Transfer the files: – The application is designed to transfer the PST file only into the MBOX format. The application is able to go through both ANSI and UNICODE language. User can transfer their Outlook files into the MBOX format instantly in just a few minutes.
  • Save the transferred file to any of your choice folders: – Users are free to save the transferred file in any folder, user can save the newly transferred PST file in the existing folder and can make a separate folder for saving the file. A customized saving of the files is promoted by this tool.
  • Full accuracy: – Every time an accurate result is provided by the application. The application maintains the originality of the PST files and thus provides a well-qualitative result to the user. Moreover, all the emails including the attachments are transferred by this tool.
  • User-friendly app: – It is a user-friendly application that helps each and every user to do the transferring of PST files into MBOX format easily and reliably. Users who are not related to the technical background can also this application easily without any hurdle or obligation.

Final Statement

Try this amazing Transfer PST to MBOX tool for transferring your PST files into MBOX format quickly. The application does the task in just a few minutes. Moreover, every user is free to download the demo or trial version of the application. The trial version is free and can be downloaded by any user. This trial version provides the user the advantage of transferring few PST files to MBOX format. For unlimited transferring of files, users have to buy the licensed version.


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