What is Customer Communication Management and how does it benefit your business?

For every negative customer experience, you require twelve good experiences to compensate. The power that consumer interaction holds on a brand is this strong. Hence, to save your brand’s reputation, it is necessary to adopt CCM, an abbreviation for Customer Communication Management.

Before understanding what Customer experience management is, it will be helpful to learn why is it required. The tremendous customer communication errors that can malign the brand reputation are stated below.

  • Company helplines choose a null communication strategy over acknowledging the dissatisfied customers
  • Lack of delivering a real-time experience to the clients
  • Minimal communication for retaining the customers
  • Inability to personalise messages, promotions, and offers
  • Lack of convenience in the Call to Action

An effective method of eradicating these stumbling blocks is by integrating Customer Communication management. It is a system that compiles all the data of its customers to improve the quality of outbound communication. A productive CCM software includes provisions such as digital documents, chatbots, social media, optimised web pages and emails.

Along with the up-to-date technology, a role CCM plays is to render interpersonal communication. A survey suggests that 67 percent of customers hang up on an automated system. This proves they prefer real-time customer interaction.

Stated below are some illustrative examples of the role of an operative CCM:

  • Crafting a communication strategy that covers all the platforms on which outbound communication takes place
  • Software tool which auto-fills the client information
  • Creating an effective call to action makes it convenient for the users to contact the brand
  • Offers standard solutions to potential roadblocks a customer can face while accessing the website

Benefits of CCM to your business

1) A digital approach

Personalised communication is the most effective method of interacting with your clients. Customer Communication Management has made that possible. Many financial, government and insurance industries have faced an issue with outbound communication because of the traditional methods. CCM is a virtual communication platform that uses the most up-to-date technologies to deliver relevant and highly personalised communication. The software can sort, create, and individualise each customer’s information or interaction method. It is a user-friendly approach that is adaptable.


2) Reduced risks

One of the most significant challenges that content managers face is compliance. A centralised customer communication management system provides tools to ensure that the process is efficient and fair. CCM enables managers to easily collaborate with other teams and departments, eliminating the sapping process. They can also audit, track, and manage client reports using the CCM system, giving them a sense of control.


3) An effective tool

Consistently relying on the IT team to cater to small errors that can be tackled easily is counter-productive. The customer communication management software allows multiple departments to access, edit and analyse client information. It is possible due to the on-demand availability of various touchpoints on the system. This eliminates inconsistency and incompetence. A centralised CCM provides a better experience to the employees and members of a brand.


4) Better customer leads

A better consumer experience means happy clients, and satisfied clients mean better customer leads. Real-time experience, personalised interaction, and strategic visualisation all contribute to higher levels of engagement. Tracking the customer’s journey is another effective strategy. It leads to regular communication with them, which fosters trust. As a result, you’ll have a long-term client.


Reaping the rewards of efficient customer communication management

  • The data given below proves that Customer communication management has maximised the profit and reputation of the brands.
  • Incorporation of CCM reduced business inquires by 39 percent as a reliable solution was provided to the customers
  • There was a spurt of 47% in the sales leads
  • The traffic on multi-platforms such as the official websites and social media increased by 54%
  • Digital support and social media made 33% of the customers refer to the service to other people.
  • Over 69% of the visitors prefer solving a roadblock by themselves instead of contacting customer service
  • 52% of customers believe they would repurchase a product or service if they experience a great communication experience
  • Delivery of decent customer communication spikes the revenues by 4 to 8 per cent
  • Friendly agents have a 73% effect on making clients stay for long-term propositions



A company receives an endless amount of documents daily. Handling them without compromising on the quality of delivery is a little tricky. CCM plays an important role in such situations.

The advancement in technology has made communication with the audience operative and efficient. Interaction with the clients is as important as generating sales leads or rendering quality products. Customer communication management has made a breakthrough in that arena. The availability of numerous communication tools and software can help your brand develop the perfect customer communication strategy.




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