What is SMTP Server? – Definition, SMTP Server Guide

What is SMTP Server? – Definition, SMTP Server Guide

You may have used the word SMTP if you use transactional emails in your company each day. SMTP is really critical and the emails that you give to your clients and their ability to deliver make a huge difference. It could sound technical, so we can explain to you how it works, and why it will influence your email marketing strategies. It can be technical.

What is SMTP?

“Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” stands for SMTP. It is a protocol for sending and receiving emails between mail servers.

SMTP processes and transmits communications from a source to the receiver. In other words, it serves as a middleman between the two. Free e-mail programs like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook can have basic functions to execute specific tasks for personal use and conventional mailings.

However, you can use the SMTP server services to connect your systems directly and send transactional e-mails without the need to conduct complex integrations if you run an online company and need to perform business acts

It is actually the most commonly used sending protocol and is only used for the supply of vast amounts of communications.


How can I send it through an SMTP server?

SMTP Relay is the mechanism by which emails are transmitted via SMTP and SMTP servers. This means that you can use the resources of a third party (SMTP relay) to deliver these e-mails without using your own mail server if your company wants to send mass messages.

Imagine a small organization with few workers and a limited customer volume and all contact through email. In the face of a limited number of personal emails, a single email provider is responsible for correspondence. However, the majority of conventional email services (Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo) restrict the number of emails that are received every day as soon as your company starts the and the number of users is thus the, and it is plain that they are perfect for selling mass e-mails.

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Then you have to send your trade messages, including confirmations for purchase, purchase orders, invoices, etc. A trusted SMTP server is developed which can react to your business request.

You only need your CRM email (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) or web application to generate messages via SMTP. Authenticate and send user and password created by the platform for your access to the Mailpro SMTP server. This e-mail is forwarded to the Mailpro SMTP server and sent to the recipient’s server after you have put the data correctly.

You can then make sends without leaving your standard mail app or the external service which you use when you have installed your connexion to the Mailpro’s SMTP server.

What is an SMTP Relay Server?

A server operating SMTP Relay Services is an SMTP server. It collects emails from a source and forwards them before hitting the receiver to another server. Compare that with a job at the actual post office where the mail is sent from the sender and sent for delivery to the post office in the receiver’s area.

Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook used SMTP servers are exchanged by users. You may also use an IP address you share with a spammer to spoil the sending if you want to send huge messages.

Therefore, the use of experienced email providers such as Mailpro, who are specialists in processing vast amounts of communications, have their own servers, and actively track their credibility would be a safe choice. IP addresses. IP addresses.

You generate an e-mail from your personal account and send it to the SMTP server where it is handled from the sender’s e-mail server (example, Gmail, Yahoo).

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The SMTP server of Mailpro

Mailpro includes the SMTP Relay Mechanism Email Server, which can be connected to almost any external device, such as e-commerce, mailboxes, and WordPress websites or other content management systems so that you can handle your messages with trust and confidentiality.


Facility to mount

You can customize the Mailpro SMTP Relay service conveniently and simply customize your mail or program on our server using the credentials on your mail account. It takes only a few minutes.

Best rates of delivery

The number of messages that are sent to multiple e-mail beneficiaries every day in order to fight Spam is restricted to most typical e-mail services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo). The deliverability of your messages is assured with Mailpro’s SMTP server because it has a good system in place for the handling of massive e-mails.


By using an SMTP server, you can have absolute certainty of sending large volumes without worrying about being labeled as SPAM. We maintain strict IP review standards, as well as the ease of installation of filters such as SPF, DKIM. In addition, you have support for the location of servers in Switzerland, where your data will be completely secure.

IP reputation management

A team of experts ensures that the IP addresses used to send you are of high quality and thus prevents you from landing in the SPAM folder.


Mailpro gives you shipping statistics made by SMTP servers. In this manner, you can check the gaps, press prices, geolocation, and evaluate e-mail bounces. You know that a Rough Bounce or a Gentle Bounce should be considered.

If you want to send transactional emails such as marketing communications with optimum distribution and benefit from the monitoring capabilities of a competent email client, you need to provide an SMTP server. Such as Mailpro gave one.

Simplify the time and leave the job to the postmen, consult our plans, and use all the functionality of our SMTP relays.


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