Which brand of the wireless mouse should I buy?

Which brand of the wireless mouse should I buy?

Which brand of wireless mouse should be used? Here are the top wireless computer mouse brands for your reference and purchase!

  1. Logitech Wireless Mouse

The first brand that we definitely have to introduce to you is Logitech. This is a famous company specializing in electronic equipment products in Switzerland. Born in 1981, so far Logitech has launched many products, including good earphones, BlueTooth speakers, computer speakers, and computer mice.

Logitech wireless mouse is well-reviewed by users, especially graphic designers, and gamers.

Logitech mice are appreciated for their modern design, high sensitivity, diverse models, and low to high prices. Currently, all Logitech mouse products are warranted for 2-4 years, you can use them with complete peace of mind.

Cons: The Logitech mouse has a long-lasting battery that’s hard to replace.

Some highly rated Logitech wireless mouse products are M185, B175, M325, M510, M545, or M705.

  1. Microsoft Wireless Mouse

Microsoft is a leading technology company in the world today, its products are always appreciated for their quality as well as diverse designs. Microsoft wireless mouse is also a best-selling device in the market thanks to outstanding advantages such as a wireless mouse model

  • Various models, modern designs
  • Battery life can be used up to 1 year
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • High sensitivity, absolute resolution
  • Advanced Nano receiver technology.

Some highly rated Microsoft wireless mouse products today are Sculpt Comfort, Microsoft Arc Touch, 3500 or 1850.

  1. Genius Wireless Mouse

Besides Microsoft is highly appreciated, the Genius wireless mouse product is also a product that you can consider. This Taiwanese brand has been present for nearly 40 years in the market, famous for products such as computer mice, headphones, keyboards, etc.

Regarding the quality of the Genius mouse, it is indisputable, the product has received many prestigious awards for quality such as CES, iF Design, Reg Dot, …

With a variety of models, you can easily choose any Genius product on the market. In addition, the Genius wireless mouse comes with a 2-year warranty.

A favorite model of Genius wireless computer mouse is NX-7015, NX-7010, NX-7000

Genius Wireless Mouse

  1. Fuhlen . Wireless Mouse

Fuhlen is a brand that sells cheap wireless mice but is very popular with consumers thanks to its outstanding features.

One of those features is the long battery life, which can be used continuously for 12 months without having to change the battery. In addition, the mouse also has high resolution and sensitivity, 2.4GHz transmission speed so that data can be transferred quickly.

Some favorite Fuhlen wireless mouse models are  : A06G, Fuhlen A05GS, A09B A09, A09G

  1. Wireless Mouse Apple

Apple is not a strange brand to consumers, especially technology followers. Its products are sought after by users around the world such as Macbook, iPhone, etc. Although the Apple wireless mouse cannot be compared with other types, it is still worth considering.


  • Modern design, luxury
  • Works by Bluetooth connection.
  • Use for a long time thanks to the high capacity battery


  • Warranty for a short time
  • Relatively high price

Its popular mouse models are Magic Fake, Magic Mouse 2, Apple Magic Mouse

  1. Rapoo Wireless Mouse

Rapoo is the most attractive electronics company in the Chinese market in recent times. With constant improvement and change, Rapoo’s products are increasingly appreciated and occupy a certain position.

  1. Konig. Wireless Mouse

In the segment of cheap goods, another brand that you may be interested in is the Konig wireless mouse.

Some of Konig’s products are highly appreciated: Konig KM116, KN868, KN515, KN915.

  1. Xiaomi Wireless Mouse

The famous Chinese electronics brand Xiaomi also contributes a wireless mouse product that is highly appreciated by the market. Although compared to the diverse market, Xiaomi wireless mouse is not appreciated, but the quality and features are also worth your consideration.


  • Sophisticated from design to style.
  • High durability thanks to being completely made from high-quality materials, ABS and aluminum.
  • High sensitivity.


  • The outer shell is easy to get dirty.
  • The texture is not solid
  • Warranty for a short period of time.

Some of its highly appreciated products are Xiaomi Mi Mouse, XMSB01MW, Mi Mouse 2.

  1. Razer Wireless Mouse

Razer wireless mice are very popular in the US. However, the high cost is also a hindrance to customers.

The product is currently under warranty for up to 3 years.

Some of its outstanding mice are Ouroboros, Orochi, Razer Mamba

  1. Dell Wireless Mouse

Dell brand is famous for computer products, but the Dell wireless mouse is not appreciated. This type of mouse has a short battery life, forcing you to change the battery often.

Some of its products are Dell WM12, WM111, WM113, WM122

There are many other famous wireless mouse sellers on the market such as Azzor Newmen, Sony Vaio, Forter, HP…

Conclusion:  What kind of cheap wireless mouse should I buy?

To choose a good and satisfactory wireless mouse, please rely on the evaluation factors above!

If you are still wondering which wireless mouse to buy, we give you a suggestion: the Logitech 331 wireless mouse. And remember to use coupons for gamers to save money when shopping for any gadgets online. Many great deals and offers are waiting for you. With just a few clicks, you can get a much better price compared to the original price.


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