Why Microsoft CRM – The Advantages of Dynamics 365

Why Microsoft CRM – The Advantages of Dynamics 365

Every business process requires the right CRM to make sure that the strategic goals you have set in place are on the right track. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) components of your business should go hand in hand in a simple and easy-to-use system. The best choice here is undoubtedly the Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

A professional microsoft dynamics 365 consultant will combine the CRM and ERP solutions into a cloud-based module that offers you the tools required to optimize your business communication.  With continuous improvement in functionality and an ever-increasing suite of features, this aims to fulfill sales, marketing, and customer service operations associated with your business.

Microsoft Solutions allow your organization to be extremely productive, make the most of your customer relations, and gain valuable information from your data. This helps you maximize your performance and identify new opportunities.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Here are some major advantages to using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions.

Ease of Deployment and Use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can easily be set up on devices. These work well even for BYOD companies, as employees can access the Dynamics 365 apps from any device they use.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions can be used on cloud, or even hybrid cloud environments. This makes it easy to both deploy and manage this solution based on your budget and infrastructure requirements.

In addition, you can integrate Dynamics 365 with other Microsoft products and apps, or even the complete Office 365 suite of products. This allows companies to shift between Dynamics, Outlook, Power BI for analytics, and SharePoint to document progress. The time spent on transferring files between applications and the learning curve associated with learning to adapt to new platforms reduces significantly, increasing your overall productivity.

Customize Your Plan

There are a number of modules available with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It also offers a multitude of built-in tools to aid your workflow. You can make use of this to automate tasks and help sales, marketing, and customer or field service departments.

In case you do not find what you need in this array of tools, Dynamic 365 offers you the chance to customize and modify the workflow so that you have a system that is optimized just for you.

Reduction is Sales Cycles

Dynamic 365 allows your sales teams to gain data about your customers and actually make sense out of it. This gives them insights, irrespective of whether they are working on the field or in the office. The sheer volume of data that they have access to allows them to come up with quicker and personalized messages. A customer-centric selling experience allows companies to gain an overview of each client’s journey. This reduces the number of cycles your sales team needs to interact with customers, leading to faster responses.

Better Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions allows you to gain an insight into your costumes. This includes their browsing information, the communities they frequent and so much more. With tools like BI that identify buying patterns and brand loyalty along with sentiments, you get a high volume of information that will aid your sales process.


With in-house data available, your executives can connect with customers in a more personalized manner, allowing them to recommend solutions that would work best for them and are in tune with their goals and aspirations. This obviously leads to a better customer experience and a level of trust among your clients.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 understands that your requirements are not always going to be constant. You might need to scale up or down based on a number of factors, ranging from the number of employees to workload and total budget. This is why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions offers a monthly plan that can be changed at any point. This allows you to save costs associated with scaling your solutions, while always ensuring that you can always access the right modules to keep your organization running at its best.

Targeted Marketing and Service Scheduling

With better insights about your customers, you can always be in touch with the right people. The automation tools take care of client lists, lead creation, campaigns, and follow-ups on relevant leads. This greatly increases the odds of conversion and gives you better prospects and outcome evaluations.

In addition, it becomes easier to keep track of service calls and appointments, making sure you are available to clients at all times. This leaves a wake of satisfied customers who are loyal to the organization.

Better Productivity

Dynamics 365 allows your employees to get their hands on all the major insights from the data collected. This allows them to make quicker decisions and work efficiently. It also reduced the total time to gain that data and put it together to form insights or search for information. All the tools and insights they need are now readily available.

In addition to this, they can access CRM, ERP, and data along with Office applications in a single platform. This allows for better decision making, more productive use of time, and better resource utilization on tasks to be done. This not only improves employee productivity individually but also the overall productivity of the organization.

Thus, for a reasonable pricing plan well suited to your needs, you get all the CRM and ERP solutions you need in one place with Microsoft Dynamics 365. You will have access to a number of features and workflows that can be tweaked to suit your requirements.

It also leads to productive employees who can glean meaningful insights about customers and approach them with solutions they can actually use. This is a great tool for any business and is vital to the growth of your organization.

In fact, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions is a perfect fit that gives you a holistic environment and great infrastructure to learn about your customers, and scale new heights.


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