Windows 11: Constraints Loosened for a Few System Requirements

Windows 11: Constraints Loosened for a Few System Requirements

Windows operating system is one of the most used ones across the globe. And, that’s not a secret anymore. We have manifested that almost every Windows version made a high ranking and currently the world is experiencing the supremacy of Windows 10. However, Microsoft has declared that it is going to roll out Windows 11 and that’s soon.

Microsoft has additionally announced the new look of Windows 11 on June 24 this year. The version, Windows 11 will go live for testing, especially for developers. However, the first statement from Microsoft regarding Windows 11 seemed a bit confusing. That’s why Microsoft decided to revise the terms and conditions. It has corrected and specified the system preferences.

We are sure that you’re as excited as we are when it comes to the Insider preview of Windows 11. A previous link has spoiled the look of the Windows 11 operating system. But, the obligations are now minimised. So, let’s have a look at the requirements and features of Windows 11.

Why the Windows 11 Preview left Users Confused?

The first-ever Insider Preview from Microsoft seemed out of track and users stumbled on the very beginning of the product outline. However, Microsoft has revised its statement regarding the release of Windows 11. Well, the first preview of Windows 11 had mentioned that users don’t require a specific CPU for testing out the operating system version.

Additionally, the preview had mentioned a TPM 2.0 chip in the same release post. However, Microsoft didn’t clarify its reasons behind the activity. Recently, Microsoft justified its reason, as per the specialists of Xbox One repair near me. Microsoft wishes to check the versatility of Windows 11. And, it will have a look at the compatibility of the operating system.

The Windows Insider program is designed to test the preview builds of Windows 11, before it comes to the market for commercial purposes. The manufacturer is eager to take a risk with the build of Windows 11 and comprehensively check it on all available builds.

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In addition, the same step has broadened the scope of system requirements. That’s why Microsoft decided not to precise the system requirements. It would enhance the synchronization between Windows 11 and CPU models worldwide.


So far, Microsoft seems hopeful that PCs have acquired 8th generation Intel and its AMD Zen 2 processors will perform extremely well. Whether it’s about reliability, scalability, or security, there should be no issue regarding Windows 11. On the other hand, Microsoft has started paying attention to 7th generation Intel processors, as well as AMD Zen 1 processors to reach a further conclusion.

In addition to this, Microsoft stopped offering the feature called PC Health Check. The main reason behind it is the incompatibility factor of the application with Windows 11. Microsoft even admitted that it wasn’t ready to share all these details with its customers at the very beginning. Further, Microsoft will revise the defects of the application and check the mechanism before releasing the application once again in the market.

Windows 11: Expected Date of Release

Microsoft announced that Windows 11 is likely to be out during the holiday season of this year. So, Windows users can expect Windows 11 to be rolling out between November and Christmas. Microsoft is trying to be consistent with releasing Windows updates. It seems that Microsoft is inspired by Apple.

So, Microsoft hasn’t announced any specific date regarding Windows 11 release. And, some experts are suspecting that the timeline might extend even up to the next year. The hints are quite clear that it would be either October this year or the beginning of 2022.

How to Check the Windows 11 Preview Build?

Microsoft released the build for Windows 11 as per the Windows Insiders programs. Developers are allowed to test the build on Windows 11 beta version. The build of the latest Windows version is named 22000.51.

If you have installed Windows 10 on your PC, then you’re mostly eligible to download and test Windows 11. Here are the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 operating system:

  • RAM should be of a minimum of 4 GB
  • The secondary storage is 64 GB, at least
  • The processor should be 1GHz or faster. Additionally, it should have a two-core 64-bit processor.
  • Trusted Platform Module 2.0
  • The graphics card should be DirectX 12, or better along with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • The display should be 720p with 8-bit per colour channel
  • The download of Windows 11 should be accompanied by a Microsoft account and a stable internet connection.
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How to Download Windows 11?

Once you have cross-checked the specifications and system requirements for Windows 11. And, your system satisfies every bit of the requirements, you can download the operating system version. Here’s how you can sign up for Windows 11 testing.

Sign up for Windows Insider

Explore the Settings of the application on your PC and head towards Update & Security. Choose the Windows Insider Program. Don’t forget to activate the Diagnostic Data option before you register for the Insider program. Afterwards, opt for the Get Started option. Under the Link an account tag, assign your Microsoft account. Activate the Continue option.

Go with the Dev Channel

Once you have registered for Windows 11, the process is not complete yet. You have to be an active user of the Dev channel. The beta version of Windows 11 is only available for app developers. If you’re just a normal user, you can skip trying out Windows 11.

Otherwise, go to the page named ‘Pick your Insider Settings’. Choose the option named Dev Channel. Go with Confirm, twice. Finally, your PC might be asking for a restart. After checking everything, you can go for ‘Restart now’.


After the PC restarts, explore the Windows Update app. Look for updates and you should notice the Windows 11 Insider preview build. Download and install the build as usual.

This will definitely upgrade your PC from Windows 10 to Windows 11. You might need to perform a clean installation of Windows 11. If you face trouble regarding the use of Windows 11, you can discard using the operating system and roll back to Windows 10.

Windows 11 Looks Fresher

So, you can definitely try the build version. Check out if it’s worth your time and effort. The operating system version seems fresher, crispier, and faster. Thus, take a chance and enhance your productivity with Windows 11.

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