A complete guide to smarter home automation in 2021 

A complete guide to smarter home automation in 2021 


Automation is the newly developing technology in this current world. Since the advent of automation, every industry and every business is making use of technological advancement. If the process of automation can be employed in complex tasks and areas, then why it cannot be used in our home? 

Have you ever imagined a home that listens to you? A home that does everything just by hearing your command or according to the tasks you have set? This is what Home Automation offers you. Let us see what it means and how does it work. 

What is Home Automation and How Does it Work? 

Home Automation refers to the process of automating your home using smart technology and it is one among the many things of the Internet of Things (IoT).  It means that the entire house will be connected with IoT devices which enables you to control every nook and corner of your home. Smart technology includes home security systems, automated light settings, entertainment systems, personal assistant technology, and every other smart appliance. This Smart Technology is not only efficient but also safe, comfortable, and easy to use.  

When it comes to working, there is no particular way of working for the Home Automation technology and it varies according to the type of automation used, the company, and the country. The Smart Home Automation System makes use of radio waves, electricity, and wireless technology to communicate with the devices. 

How to Control Your Smart Home? 

A perfect smart home means the home you can control using technology and devices. There are mainly 2 ways to control your smart home: 

  1. Central control – this is an automation system that can control or regulate anything in your home from a specific single source. It enables you to control appliances and electrical devices starting from lights to phones. This centralized control system is mainly used in multinational companies, large businesses, and high-level private residences. This also plays an integral part in the security system in Home Automation. Central control systems mainly operate through a wall-mounted terminal, as is commonly used for home security systems. The system can also be managed using a smartphone, remote-control device, or a computer. One of the significant benefits of the system is that you can have the entire control of the house on a single system. And the main disadvantages are that it is very expensive and requires professional assistance for installation. 
  1. App-based technology– your home network enables the app-based smart home technology to interact with the cloud, which is an integral part of the IoT and has grown to a bigger level in the past few years. Most of the smart devices with app-based technology work by integrating your home automation devices to home through Wi-Fi. Those automation devices will get connected to a server and then can be accessed via the applications in your smart device. You can interact and control the cloud bases automation devices till you disconnect your smart devices from the internet. The most common advantage is that it is easy to arrange, use, and affordable as well. The main disadvantage is that you need to install multiple apps to control each device even though there are a few devices that can be accessed via a single app. 
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Is Home Automation Safe? 

Safety is the utmost priority of everyone using a Smart Home Automation setup. Though there are no serious security issues, there are some security concerns you should be aware of. After all, Home Automation is a new technological advancement and for any new innovation, there will be positive and negative sides. So here are some of the factors that need to be considered while measuring the security level of Home Automation. 

  1. Privacy – when you are connected to a particular system, the one thing you should worry is about the privacy of your data. For example, when you leave your smart speaker on for a long time, the company is actually listening to you. The main purpose is to serve you with your needs and sell their products and services but this raises a question regarding the privacy concern. This happens with your AI assistants – Siri or Alexa, almost all the time. 
  1. Cyber Security – it is very important to read all the manuals especially the one the describes the security functions. It is better to be aware or informed about the threats in order to secure your network. Change your passwords often and put strong passwords, unlike the ones that are easier to guess. Another thing to be certain is that your devices are protected using anti-virus software and firewalls. Always keep your system updated regularly with the latest defending features.   
  1. Power failure – your entire system will go down if there is a power interruption and if your inverter run out. This is one of the main concerns as electricity is very important to keep your home automation system active. 
  1. Unresponsive victims – if you do not get the right assistance at the time of a medical emergency, or the wearer of a medical alert button isn’t responding then there is no point in having an automated system at home. Therefore, bring up such important features while you purchase the service. 
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Advantages and disadvantages of smart home automation 

The main advantages of a home automation system are: 

  1. It saves energy and utilizes it carefully. 
  1. It provides a hands-free experience. 
  1. It enhances the security of your home. 
  1. It automates tasks and thus saves your time. 
  1. It can be customized according to your preferences. 

The disadvantages include: 

  1. It may cost a high maintenance charge. 
  1. Central control systems are pretty much expensive. 
  1. There are chances of security threats. 
  1. It may need professional assistance to set up and configure. 

Wrap up 

Automating your home or Smart Home Technology can make your life easier, smarter, and effective. Adopting a new technology may be something you do not want to try at first and that is why this article has highlighted the main concerns may have before trying it. This not only scales up the quality of life but also changes the predefined or preset atmosphere of your home. Like any other technological innovation, this also has pros and cons but that doesn’t make it stand back in the line. 

Author Bio 

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Vince works as the director of design at ClaySys Lifestyle, a home construction company in Kochi, Kerala. 

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