French Doors Vs. Patio Doors: Which One Should You Choose?

French Doors Vs. Patio Doors: Which One Should You Choose?

People usually think that French doors and patio doors are the same, but the fact is that both are different types of doors. The difference between both of them may be negligible, but it exists. Both of them are amazingly wide doors that give a really nice and modern touch to the whole place. The main difference between them exists in the way they open; double French doors have hinges, and they swing on them. However, patio doors are sliding doors that slide across a track along the wall.

If you are redecorating your place for the beautiful summer season and want to give a modern touch to it, then choosing French doors or patio doors would be best for you. But the question is which one should you choose? It’s not like one is better than the other but mainly it is about the structure of your house and your preferences. Therefore, before making a decision, you must have good knowledge about both types of doors and how they are different from each other. So, here are some factors that explain the difference between French doors and patio doors in an excellent way. Let’s have a look.

1- Environmental Factors

Environmental factors play a defining role in determining which door will be the best for your house. As discussed earlier, the major difference between the French doors and the Patio doors lies in how they open. French doors are double doors that open through hinges while patio doors slide through the walls. However, in the areas where it gets windy during the daytime, it must be ensured that the door doesn’t slam shut on the way back. A person needs to be extra careful if pets and children are present in the house. French doors normally swing backward after they are opened, but the effect of wind is normally low. But having patio doors is considered a benefit here as the wind doesn’t affect them at all. You can use door catchers as a precaution if you live in an area exposed to strong winds.

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2- Your House’s Style and Structure

The style of your home plays a defining role in helping you decide what kind of door you should prefer for your house. If your house is built according to modern designs, you should go for the patio doors. And if you are living in an old-fashioned house, you should opt for the French doors here. Choosing a patio door sometimes is easy for a house owner as there are several options available. Moreover, they come in different sizes which might suit your house. French doors are strong and durable and look aesthetically pleasing as well. Also, they never go out of fashion and are preferred mostly for outdoor spaces.

3- The Size of the Doors You Want

Both patio doors and French doors come in various sizes, and this depends upon the house owner to select the type and shape according to his preferences. You can easily replace a wall with a sliding patio door which can offer you various advantages. Moreover, if you want a large-sized French door for your house, you will need a large space for that. French doors always look elegant when it comes to small openings, and a common example is a living room door. But for the large size apertures, you should prefer sliding patio doors. Get proper guidance from door installation service providers for huge projects.

4- Visibility and View

Having an unobstructed view from the door is a perk. You can easily look outside your house by simply being inside. Patio doors allow natural light to come inside your room. As your room gets bright, it looks more beautiful and welcoming. You can also enjoy the view from the outside of your house. However, the case is different for French doors as they usually don’t allow light to come inside. This also means that your view will be obstructed once the door is closed. So if you want an unobstructed view for the entire day, you should consider a patio door. But if you want privacy, then French doors are the best choice.

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5- Price Considerations

Price is the most important factor to consider when you are deciding the kind of door you want. Since both the doors come in different shapes and sizes, the rates vary upon the specifications and type of materials. For sliding patio doors, if you are using a high-quality class, the prices will rise considerably. Moreover, they include the cost of tracks as well. French doors can be simple in design, and wood is mostly the main material used in building a French door. The cost of wood varies with time, which plays a key role in the pricing of French doors. However, French doors are easy to install compared to patio doors, so they might cost less.

Each one of the two types of doors has its own pros and cons. So, which doors would you select for your house? French doors or Patio doors?

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