How the “Win” And “Word Sheet” Buttons on the Keyboard Can Help

How the “Win” And “Word Sheet” Buttons on the Keyboard Can Help
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The Win button on the keyboard is the button that has the Windows logo labeled on it and is mostly placed between the Alt key and Ctrl key at the bottom-left part of the keyboard. Some keyboards may have two Win keys, with the second one being at the bottom right part of the keyboard. When you press the Win key alone (on Windows 10), it will take you straight to the computer Start menu.

What the Win key does on the keyboard

The winning key, also known as the Windows logo key, logo key, start key, super key, or flag key, is a key on the keyboard initially introduced in 1994 by Windows on their Microsoft Natural keyboard. However, it has become a standard keyboard key for PCs, and hitting the key on Windows brings the start menu.

Windows shortcut keys

Windows has many shortcut keys that save you time on the computer, especially when using apps like Microsoft Word, which is necessary for home offices and businesses. However, if you don’t know these shortcuts and keep going for your mouse, it will slow your work tremendously.

The windows shortcut keys help to save lots of time when working on your computer. Here are some of the most commonly used shortcut keys:

  • Win Key + E = Opens Explorer
  • Win Key + R = Opens Run Menu
  • Win Key + Up Arrow = Maximizes the Current Window
  • Win Key + Break = Opens System Properties
  • Alt + Tab = Switches between the Open Programs
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc = Opens Task Manager
  • Win Key + F = Opens Search For Folders And Files

Familiar keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10

Here are some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10:

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + X + Cut

Ctrl + V = Paste

Win Key + Up Arrow or F11 = Maximize Window

Win Key + Tab = Task View

Win Key + D = Switch Between Open Programs or Apps

Win Key + X = Shutdown Options

Win Key + L = Lock Your PC

How to use the win button on the keyboard?

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The window key takes you straight to the Start menu when you press it by itself, but when you hold the button down and press another key, it can be used for keyboard shortcuts and increase the speed of everyday tasks.

What does the Alt F4 stand for?

Alt + F4 is a shortcut that is mainly used to close an active window. So if you are looking to close a window or tab opened within a program without having to close down the whole program, the appropriate shortcut to accomplish this is the Alt + F4 keyboard shortcut.

What does the combination of Win key and R do?

When you press the Win key + R, according to EssayWritingLab, it shows you the Run box from your system, from which you can enter the command to open the Windows Event Viewer. Then the caller notes the number of errors listed (mostly harmless), and the list is used to prove that your computer is compromised.

What are the function keys F1 – F12 used for?

The F keys or function keys are lined up in the first row of your keyboard and are labeled from F1 through to F12. All the function keys are shortcut keys, and each one has its specific functions, such as refreshing a page, printing data, or saving files. For many programs, for instance, the F1 key is used as the default help key.

What are the functions of Ctrl-A – Z?

Not all of these alphabets have their functions when paired with the Ctrl key. Some of the few ones with a function are: Ctrl + A = select all content, Ctrl + C = copy content, Ctrl + V = paste content from the clipboard, Ctrl + Y = redo an action, Ctrl + Z = Undo an action.

What does Ctrl + J mean?

Control + J, also known as C-j, is also a keyboard shortcut but it can vary based on the program used. For instance, when it is used with internet browsers, it means to open a download window.

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What is the PrtScn button used for?

This button may also be abbreviated as PRTSC, Price, Prt Scrn, Ps/SR, or PrtScrn. It is the Print Screen key that is found on most keyboards. When you press this key, it will send the current image on the screen to the printer or computer clipboard, depending on the running program or the operating system.

What are the keys on the keyboard?

The keys on the keyboard can be broken down into many groups depending on their functions. First, there are typing keys, the alphanumeric keys, including the exact numbers, letters, symbol keys, and punctuations found on the traditional typewriters. Then there are control keys, which are the keys that can be used alone or can be combined with another key(s) to achieve a specific outcome.

What will I do to show all the windows that are open on my computer?

If you want to open the task view on your computer, go to the bottom left corner of your taskbar and click on the Task view. Another alternative is to press the Win key + tab from your keyboard. This will show you all the open windows on your computer, and you can click on any one you want to check out.


The Windows key is an important key as it opens you up to the windows shortcuts, and helps you save time while working on your computer.

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