How to Create Google-Friendly Content

How to Create Google-Friendly Content

To increase the relevance of your website pages and influence the search results, you need to take a closer look at your content. How to do this? Let’s find out what content you should create for Google approval.


Google appreciates those users who share useful and valuable information with others. The easiest way to get such content is to interview experts in their industry. You can take it by email, telephone, or in person.

There are several advantages to interviewing experts. The first one is that these outstanding people are more likely to link to you.

That is, your readers will trust you even more because they trust experts. Google, in its turn, will trust you if you use the correct encoding when posting.

Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is an effective method for creating content that targets highly competitive queries. The essence of the method is to study the search results for the selected request. Then, you need to highlight the main leaders, which have the highest quality content in your field.

It’s important to highlight:

  • Semantics;
  • A way of content presentation (tips, storytelling, checklist, and so on.);
  • Structure;
  • Volume;
  • Key information, arguments, theses.

After analyzing your competitors, you should take their content as a model to make your own. But you need to do this much better. It’s necessary not only to make it similar or more voluminous, but you must nail it.

Voting and Polls

How many polls do you see on TV regarding the presidential race? People absorb information easily when it looks like this.

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To achieve the best results, take your time to:

  1. Survey more than 800 people;
  2. Reflect the results in a comprehensible table;
  3. Publish the data on your website;
  4. Contact news agencies for more information and schedules.

If you don’t have time for this, hire a firm to conduct surveys for you. Remember, if you don’t spend enough time and money on your investigation, the media won’t be interested in your story. Eventually, Google won’t rate your content.

Changes and Updates

Wikipedia wasn’t built in a day. Users needed to write, change, and update the content over and over again.

So, just think about it. Would it be possible to update your message next year? Would it be new research on this topic? Why not just edit the old one instead of writing a new blog post?

One of the easiest ways to do this is to insert an update link. Reread your previous posts to find out if you need new pages on the topics mentioned in them.

Let’s say you made a page for “American Rock Bands”. And now you can link to it. Or, for instance, Weezer has released a new song. So, you can add a link to it to the original article.

Google appreciates updates. Regularly come back to what you wrote and make changes, update and even merge your content.


Everyone loves to be involved in disputes and discussions. In any industry, you can find some issues that are worth arguing about.

Search for the latest information in your field. You’ll find something to rant about. Besides, be ready that the reaction to your dispute can be both positive and negative.

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To make the process of a site promotion faster, you can turn to the help of experts. How to get a link from an authoritative resource? How to make your content go viral? You can get high authority backlinks on special services.

These are the active hyperlinks to the original Internet resource. As a rule, the anchor text of such links is a search query. That is, the site is optimized in search engines. The most prominent ability of backlinks is making your resource authoritative in an instance.

Cases and Research

Real and proven cases from your own experience are always gripping to read. If you’ve done something extraordinary, users will share your post.

Now, cases are especially appreciated if you test an idea or theory. Besides, you should develop a study that confirms or refutes it in the end.

Tell Your Story

Nowadays, companies are willing to build their brand and reputation online. What are you doing to develop your company’s recognition? One way to go is telling your story. These are not fables, but real and trustworthy speech. It’ll motivate others to take action. Here are some story ideas:

  • The beginning of your business;
  • The challenges you’ve gone through;
  • Some setbacks you’ve faced.

Show your sincerity. Present your beliefs, experience, and interest. Make jokes by sharing this information. You can also motivate people to share their experiences too.

Making Google-friendly content requires some effort and time. However, once you’ve mastered it, your website performance will become significantly better for the search engine.

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