How to Optimize Your Website for Better Lead Generation?

How to Optimize Your Website for Better Lead Generation?

As a B2B business owner, your website definitely is the most crucial channel for lead generation and sales. All of your potential customers interact with your website at every phase of their buyer’s journey. Whether they are at the early stage of research or at the final stage of making purchasing decisions, you must provide them with a customer-friendly and customized website that guides them right to the purchase path. So what measures can be taken to see that your website is good for lead generation?

Well, there are a number of b2b lead generation tactics available, but here, we have focused on the one channel you need to put all your focus on is your website. With the guidelines mentioned below, you will drive all the traffic you want on your website. So, check them out.

1. Optimize your website

Website optimization is definitely an important component of web design, which generally gets neglected. But you must know that 51% of all the web traffic is from organic searches, making search engine marketing a powerful method or tool for lead generation.

But search engine marketing is entirely relying on your website’s ability to rank in popular searches; therefore, website code must be optimized. Thus, hiring a professional SEO expert will help you rightly. The proper use of meta description, keywords in the content, and the link infrastructure will greatly help your website rank higher on the search results.

Also, you need to think about the website you have, like it is static or dynamic. This is because the coding for a static website will be more complicated. Given the fact that the internet is mobile-friendly, you must see that your website design is well responsive. With this, you can see the visitors turn into your leads.

Another good way to generate leads is creating blog content promoting whitepapers or ebooks, where the visitors on your website can acquire knowledge about the topics they read about on your blog. This is where lead generation works together with SEO. The organic visitors are intended to find the solutions to a problem you can offer. Thus this makes the method of lead generation valuable.

2. Develop a simple conversion path

The conversion path is the process or steps a visitor on your website will take to make a conversion. Of course, it will differ from one type of business to another. For instance, a construction company will want to provide detailed information to the visitors, while an e-tailer will want to make the checkout process as easy as possible.

In case you have a pop-up on every page, requires the visitors to create an account for checkout, you should consider redesigning your website to simplify the process.

Complicated conversion paths usually hamper lead generation. If your site has too many steps for purchasing products, it will be difficult for you to increase your sales. But with a well-designed, elegant website designed with an easy conversion process will increase your chances of lead generation and sales.

3. Keep everything above the fold

The rule of thumb with web design and inbound marketing is to keep your message and the other information above-the-fold, where the user doesn’t have to go down to find it. This is because the content mentioned above the fold receives 57% of the viewing, which makes it a critical area for lead generation. Moreover, visitors want to gain all the information without having to scroll down. This is where you have to provide any relevant information, call to an action plan, and begin with the conversion process.

4. Make your message short and precise.

Most business firms make the mistake of putting important information deep in the website pages. But you must know that your potential client will immediately bounce back if they take more than a few seconds to understand your business’s details. Therefore it is essential to have a clear and short message on every landing page mentioned in the large and simple text which explains your mission.

While the small business firms must see how frequently they do there, the main statement appears on the website to ensure that the visitors get the information about the company well. Moreover, you can also customize the message on different landing pages to improve your bounce rates.

5. Avoid clusters

Many business owners try to accumulate a large amount of information on their website page. This is one of the biggest mistakes in web design, leading to a complicated page pushing the visitors away. For better and effective lead generation, you must take benefit of negative spacing.

Leaving plenty of space between the elements on your site will effectively increase the visibility of essential things like call-to-action or vital information. Therefore, it is better to develop a new web design to improve customer experience and site optimization.

6. A call to action on every page

One of the important aspects of lead generation is having the right call-to-action in the right place. This is particularly important for eCommerce websites where you continuously show the relevant products to customers. However, most of the small business owners overlook the opportunity and leave everything to the checkout screen. But one must make use of the chance to show the visitor’s calls to action. This will give you better chances of increasing your sales and conversion rate.

Call to action

Having an email newsletter on your website will help you maintain your customer relationship, and therefore, you must always have a visible subscribe button in the corner of your website. While the blog post can easily be shared on social media, a shopping Cart must always be visible for convenient and fast checkout. Without overwhelming your visitors, you must get them the information they want and convert them into your leads. Moreover, you must look at your current website to see what opportunities you have for a call to action.

  • Personalize your call to action-

Having dynamic content on your website lets you meet each of the visitors’ experiences on your website. People on your website will see the buttons, images, and product options customized specifically to their interest, the pages they have recently viewed, or items they have purchased before. You must know that a personalized call to action converts about 42% of more visitors than a basic call to action. The visitors who find a website page that meets all their needs from an early stage are more inclined to stick around and start the conversion process.

  • Pay more attention to track-

Paying attention to the pages that generate the most leads on your website and the underperforming ones can improve your overall strategy.

7. Develop multiple landing pages

The landing page is basically your first contact with your potential customers, making it an essential part of online marketing. But most of the small business owners ignore this aspect. You must know that a good website with about 10 to 50 landing pages can see up to a 55% increase in lead generation than the one having less than ten landing pages. It can be said that the more landing pages you will have, the better will be your chances of increasing the variety of potential leads and sales.

Moreover, multiple landing pages give you an option to personalize your marketing campaign while allowing you to show off your more products and services. However, the landing page is just a part of the process, and so you must ensure to offer easy navigation for the visitors landing on your website. In case your website structure cannot handle 15 to 20 landing pages, it is better to consider redesigning the entire website. It would also help if you optimize your landing pages, meaning your landing page must include a detailed summary of your offerings to the visitors when they sign up. Moreover, the page must also have a signup form. But you must know that the information you want to collect at this point will depend upon your strategy and is one of the other things you need to optimize. Collecting too much information at this stage can make you lose your potential leads. While on the other side, those who provide you with detailed information might eventually become better quality leads. Therefore, you must test and do experiments to determine what information your target audience is comfortable providing.

One more page that requires your attention is the thank you page, which your visitors will see when they sign up for your offer. You can utilize this page to thank all the visitors and provide them a download link, a template, white paper, ebook, or report. You can also provide them with some links to your website’s relevant pages for better or additional information.


Websites play an essential role in lead generation. Thus, you need to be careful with every aspect of your website. You can definitely start the process by keeping your conversion path simple while ensuring that your website’s important content is above the fold. Moreover, it is better to avoid any clusters and emphasize your call to action. We understand keeping all this information or coming up with a well-optimized website can be quite challenging on your own. Thus, it’s great to opt for professional help for the job and get a well-optimized website that helps you with your lead generation.

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