Top Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

Top Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

With 6.95 billion mobile users existing worldwide presently, more and more enterprises (small and big) are closely realizing the business value of User Experience (UX). And considering the vogue of apps, businesses have centered their sheer focus on delivering enhanced mobile app experience to their customers.

Do you know?

“49% of the populace open an app 11+ times each day!”

Developing an application today is not simply pondering over design, functionality, platforms, integrations, etc., however, there is a need to determine the viability of the application which can be determined well in advance, incorporating mobile app prototyping in the process.

Mobile App Prototyping

Number of Mobile Users across the Globe Forecast (2020-2024)

Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile app prototyping is a form of user search that helps validate the design-direction architecture prior to delving into its actual implementation or development. Prototyping is a driving force in the process of conceptualization, design, and development of a mobile application that allows approximating an idea at an early stage.

Prototypes precursors the app development process and subsequently helps to eliminate the probabilities of high user abandonment rate.

A mobile app prototype enables you to validate the Strategic Design of your Product by analyzing the following key factors:

  • Efficiency
  • User-friendliness
  • Final Outcomes

Mobile App Prototypes: Benefits to Reap

Mobile app prototypes bestow a number of benefits. Let’s take a rundown:

#Identify Product Improvements at Early Stages

Things in our imagination seem amazing but when put down to reality or practical implementation may or may not be feasible.

Putting app designs into a visual medium (rapid app prototypes) can help you identify major issues, especially design flaws at the initial steps which can be further resolved effortlessly. As one can spot and eliminate issues in the rough designs, likewise, one can make use of prototypes to avoid making major changes in the development stage.

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Prototypes allow altering the layout of some input fields in order to ensure better user flow.

#Cost Efficiency

Believe it or not, it’s far better and less expensive to resolve bugs at the beginning rather than stretching them till the end. And creating app prototypes allows you to narrow the cost of mobile app development while eliminating rework and modification.

Cost Efficiency

One can realize that it’s too late to modify an ‘almost finished’ product where the chances of finding bugs and loopholes get astonishingly increased. This is where prototypes have a roleplay as a mitigator that helps to test the product, thereby, voiding all the major functionality issues.

Mobile app prototyping research conducted early and iteratively ensure the procurement of streamlined design-development phases and ultimately, helps to safeguard the project’s ROI.

#UX Validation

Acquiring enhanced user experience through any digital product highly proportionate with the intensity of the user engagement it builds. App prototypes, when undergo a user test, helps to validate an app’s usability, UX, feasibility, and future prospects as well.

“Prototypes test the app’s potential & ensures Engagement, Longevity, and Lifetime Value.”

Retaining app users and voiding the chances of abandonment by offering continual value becomes a goal in achieving a high user experience which can be achieved by mobile app prototyping.

#Saves Time, Avoid Hassles

Software development, digital product development, mobile app development are comprehensive and exhaustive where any inconsistencies or change in plans may lead to add-on costs and time.

An enormous number of iterations, tweaking, and modifications are involved in the development phases, but incorporating prototypes minimizes the risks of redesigning or re-engineering that can help you to count on early completion of the project without witnessing many hassles.

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#Early User Testing

App favoritism is influenced directly by users. So we are well-familiar that a user can approve or disapprove a design depending upon his needs and desires and give valuable feedback on the same.

Thus, with the help of prototypes user testing can be accomplished at an early stage by making the best use of high fidelity prototypes that intensely captures the feel and look of an application. Alpha/Beta testing performed at the user level can prove to be very useful in the success of the mobile app development.

#Easy Acceptance

In this tech-driven world, one cannot merely play with words and procure projects without convincing clients with hefty proof of your work.

Well, with a dynamic model of a business idea it becomes quite easier to convince people even to spend $100,000 on an application if its prototype can exactly show them its future prospects and feasibility.

Bringing a working app prototype in front of investors can get them the look and feel of the app and help them to predict the potential of your idea. This seems more convincing, helps them to understand the necessary features, functionality, and user flow across the app, thus, leveraging client/customer acquisition.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

A Prototype is worth a thousand pictures!

Prototyping helps shape customer requirements and user needs and makes it possible to develop a more realistic version of the digital product idea, validating it further from the aspects of functionality, feasibility, and viability.

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