Import your EML files to your Gmail account in a few clicks

Import your EML files to your Gmail account in a few clicks

Users can reliably import all their EML files into the Gmail account in a few clicks by using this smart EML to Gmail importer tool. The application is easy to be used by any novice user.

This EML to Gmail tool is a professionally tested application that provides a safe and secure importing task. To use the application users do not need to install or use to have any technical knowledge to import the EML files. Users just have to provide correct information about their email. The original data items are kept as it is by the tool. A speedy and smart importing of the files is done by this tool. The application can run smoothly in any of the Mac Operating System. Users can use the app for business, personal as well as enterprise use. Without doing any kind of modification the EML files are imported by this tool. Zero error is faced by the users while importing their EML files. Effortlessly and efficiently backup process takes place.

Why there is a need to import?

Users need to import their EML files in the Gmail account as Gmail is the most demanded platform in which emails and attachments can be stored. Therefore, users can import their EML files into Gmail reliably by using this amazing EML to Gmail importer. All the EML files are safely imported by the application. In addition, this platform can be handled easily by any user with or without any technical background.

Steps to import

Import all your EML files into the Gmail account without facing any hurdle by the application:

Step 1- Install the EML to Gmail Importer in your Mac Operating System

Step 2- Launch the app

Step 3- Add all the EML files that you want to import

Step 4- Add the username and password of your Gmail account at which you want to save the imported EML files

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Step 5- At last, click on the “Start Uploading” option

These EML files can be uploaded easily and reliably to any novice user. Users do not have to face any kind of problems while importing the files.

Features of the tool

Here are the features of this amazing tool that helps users to import the files conveniently.

  • Swift importing: – A swift importing of the EML files takes place by this amazing EML to Gmail Importer. Smartly and safely all the EML files are imported into the Gmail account. A rapid importing of the EML files is done with the help of this app. A healthy importing process takes place by the tool every single time.
  • Import files in bulk: – Users are free to import any amount of the EML files into their Gmail account. The application supports bulk importing of the EML files. This bulk importing of the files saves a lot of time for the users and makes a way for the convenient importing process.
  • Simple application: – This amazing application is simply sorted which means users do not have to go through some books or have any kind of specific knowledge. The application can be operated by any user, even the users who do not have enough technical knowledge as the application provides a simple Graphical User Interface for all its users.
  • Retains the quality: – The originality, as well as the quality of the EML files, remains as it is during the whole importing process. Users are able to find a qualified result every time while using this amazing tool. Any kind of alteration to the data is not supported by the tool. Any kind of error is faced by the tool during the whole importing process. With 100% accuracy, all the EML files are imported by the app.
  • Import specific files: – The files that are selected by the users are the only ones that are imported by this amazing tool. The application is able to do a specific file importing. Moreover, along with the attachments, the properties of the files also remains as it is during the whole importing task. And all the EML files are transferred to the targeted Gmail account.
  • Independent tool: – The EML to Gmail Importer is a fully automatic tool which means users do not have to depend on any other application to carry up their importing process. Users just have to enter a correct Gmail id and password and a direct importing process takes place without any hurdle.
  • Compatible to Mac: – With this EML to Gmail, Importer users can use this amazing tool in any of the Mac Operating systems without facing any hurdle. The application can be easily run from old to new versions of the Mac Operating System. It is a highly compatible application.
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Final Statement

Users must try out this amazing EML to Gmail Importer tool to carry out the importing of their EML files. For the users who want to know about the working of the application. This amazing tool provides a demo version that is absolutely free. The demo version gives users the authority to import a few amounts of EML files. If users are satisfied with the demo version, they can go for buying the licensed version. With licensed version users get a lifetime update of the files as well as unlimited files for importing.

Apart from it, if a user faces any difficulties they can resolve them by contacting the free customer service of the application which is available 24*7 for the users.

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