Is using a converter for converting EML files into Outlook PST is safe?

Is using a converter for converting EML files into Outlook PST is safe?

Converting your EML files into Outlook using an EML to PST will be a smart option to be used. As the converter is smart enough for converting your EML files. The app not only converts your files but it ensures that the files are converted safely and securely without any loss. This software is tested on various platforms by highly qualified professionals to make sure it does the conversion task accurately. Moreover, any kind of data corrupted file is not converted by the application. Also, it ensures a healthy conversion is done.

You can download the application in any of your Windows and Mac versions. The application works smoothly in any of the Windows and Mac Operating systems. It is capable of converting single as well as multiple EML files. Also, the application can save numerous EML files into a single Outlook folder without any issue. Moreover, during the time of conversion, it can maintain an on-desk hierarchy of the folder. It is supported by multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. the app supports high-speed conversion of EML files into Outlook format.

You can download a demo version that is provided by the application.

Why there is a need for conversion?

Being a user-friendly application, the outlook files are used in several email clients, whereas the EML files are used by some of the email clients, therefore, users convert their EML files into Outlook format. Moreover, Outlook manages contacts, emails, tasks, notes whereas these are not managed by EML.

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Thus, for upgrading themselves users convert their EML files into Outlook format.

What are the steps of conversion?

For converting the EML files into Outlook format, some steps needed to be followed. Here are those steps:

Step 1- Download the Transfer EML to PST in your Windows or Mac operating System

Step 2- Start the application

Step 3- Select the EML files that you need to be converted

Step 4- Choose the destination where these converted files are to be saved

Step 5- Right-click on the “convert’ button

With these 4-5 steps the conversion of EML files is done. These steps are easy to be used by any user whether they are related to the technical background or not.

Users find these steps easy to be performed. Moreover, the application also provides screenshots of the steps for its users.

Key features of the converter

We have learned what this converter does? Why there is a need for conversion? And what are the steps for conversion? Now let us know about what are the specific key features of this converter that makes it unique from other converters:

  • Any size conversion: – Any kind of size restriction is not considered by the application. Users are free to convert the EML file of any size from MB to GB. Any large-size files are also converted easily by the application without facing any kind of hurdle. It quickly scans and converts the EML files into Outlook PST format in a smooth manner without wasting any precious time and effort of the users.
  • Specific conversion: – The application is suitable to convert the selected EML files. Users are free to select single or multiple EML files for conversion. Flexibility for converting a specific EML file is provided by the application. You can search the EML file that you want to convert. Therefore, the application supports a specific conversion of the EML files without facing any kind of problem.
  • Multiple file conversion: – You can choose multiple files for conversion. Even multiple files are converted at a high-speed without any loss to data or any EML files. The EML files are converted smoothly by the converter even multiple EML files are passed for conversion. You can pass multiple EML files into one PST folder.
  • Creates new Outlook folder: – Users have an option to create new Outlook folders for saving their converted EML files. The newly created folder can be named as per your choice. Also, the application manages these folders nicely.
  • 100% accuracy: – A 100% accuracy of the converted EML files is granted by the application. Even though, the users choose multiple EML files the application will convert these EML files with good accuracy. The originality of the files is retained by the application. Every detail including cc, bcc, attachments are safely converted into Outlook format.
  • Easy to use: – With many advanced features, the app also provides a simple GUI interface for its user, so that no user finds difficulty in using the application.
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Final statement

For smartly converting your EML files into Outlook format you must download Transfer EML to PST. The app is enriched in many features to provide the best conversion result. Moreover, the app works smoothly in both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

Try the free demo version that is available for all users.

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