Migrate Thunderbird MBOX Mailbox to MS Outlook PST

Migrate Thunderbird MBOX Mailbox to MS Outlook PST

The conversion becomes a mandatory task if users are moving from Thunderbird to another email client like MS Outlook. Both of these are well-known email customers yet utilizes distinctive document designs for putting away letterbox information. Mozilla Thunderbird uses MBOX storage format while Microsoft Outlook does not support such format. MS Outlook produces a record in PST otherwise known as Personal Storage Format. Accessing MBOX data file directly via Outlook is not possible. Hence, if users are required to open or access their MBOX database in Outlook, they must convert MBOX archive to PST file format. Let us go through the necessities to migrate MBOX to PST and its procedures.

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Requirements of MBOX File into PST Migration

The major cause behind MBOX to PST conversion is the exposure of MBOX files towards corruption. MBOX data files are much prone to corruption due to several reasons such as file header corruption, abrupt system shutdown or power cut, virus attacks, Checksum mismatch etc.

To migrate Thunderbird mailbox to PST is becoming a common task because of the changing business inevitably, cost-effectiveness and due to the data management issues. Also, there are few basic reasons behind the conversion such as:

  1. MS Outlook offers offline accessibility of mailbox with the offline folders
  2. Provides better data management and security features than Thunderbird
  3. Outlook is much user-friendly application while comparing it with Thunderbird
  4. It requires less maintenance cost
  5. Data sharing is very simple in MS Outlook than Mozilla Thunderbird
  6. MS Outlook permit designing different records at the same time

Techniques to Perform MBOX to PST Conversion

If you are simply required to access MBOX files through MS Outlook then, you can convert MBOX Archive to PST format. In this segment, we will uncover two strategies for the movement interaction. All users have to do is to follow the guidelines sequentially.

Manual Approach

This is a free MBOX file into PST conversion procedure. It is recommended to keep a backup copy of the original MBOX data file before executing the manual conversion. It is so in light of the fact that the record can get harmed/degenerate during the change. The manual method to migrate MBOX to PST format goes through two stages:

Automatic Approach to migrate MBOX All Items to PST

If the manual method fails to perform MBOX to PST conversion then, users can take help from a trusted third-party tool. MBOX to PST Converter is outstanding amongst other programming to change over MBOX messages to PST. It is an advanced utility to convert MBOX Emails to PST without any data loss. The tool is renowned to execute quick and accurate migration of entire Thunderbird MBOX files to MS Outlook PST. The software supports Bulk migrate MBOX Emails into PST file format and performs complete migration of entire Thunderbird emails, attachments, items, etc. into MS Outlook. It provides 7+ Preview Modes to analyze the MBOX files. Also, it has the capability to convert MBOX file into PST without any file size restrictions. The best part about the product is that is viable with whole forms of Windows and MS Outlook.


The above article comprises various techniques to migrate MBOX to PST. The main procedure is manual and free, notwithstanding, it incorporates some genuine dangers of lasting information misfortune. Thus, users have to think twice before performing MBOX to PST conversion. Then again, the outsider instrument is totally a protected way. Presently, it is all up to clients that which cycle they pick.


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