3 Reasons to Invest in an Ultrawide Monitor

3 Reasons to Invest in an Ultrawide Monitor

If you are an avid PC gamer or simply want to improve your work-from-home setup, then you might have been looking at the latest ultrawide monitors and wondering, are they worth investing in? If you have been considering making the upgrade, then it’s worth considering, with more pros than simply having a larger screen. The wider resolution means that you can use multiple windows at once more comfortably, and they are great for watching TV and movie videos with a 21:9 aspect ratio. They’re fantastic for most PC games and offer more connectivity options compared to standard monitors.

Be More Productive

If your main reason for considering Ultrawide Gaming Monitors is because your gaming PC doubles up as your work PC during the day, then the good news is that they can help you be more productive whether you are hard at work or having fun. Ultrawide monitors offer around one third more horizonal space compared to a standard screen, with more space for activities making multitasking easier. Along with this, it’s also easier to do tasks that require a wider screen, like creating wide spreadsheets.

Great for Video

Your PC is often more than just something to work on. Whether you’re having a break or finished for the day, you can easily use it to stream TV shows and movies available online from various different sites. Standard monitors do work quite well for video; however, in recent years, an increasing number of web videos have been stretched out to a wider aspect ratio with many newer Hollywood films now being shot in a wider aspect ratio. All this means is that when you’re watching them on a regular monitor or a TV screen, there’ll be black bars on the top and bottom rather than the screen being filled. But when you have an ultrawide monitor, there is additional horizonal space that allows you to watch movies shot in a 21:9 aspect ratio in widescreen.

Excellent Gaming Experience

There’s a reason why most ultrawide monitors are marketed to gamers. The additional horizonal space that these monitors offer means that players have a wider field of view to take advantage of, which can make playing almost any game even more immersive compared to on a regular monitor. If you are a gamer and often play first- or third-person shooter games, then the experience boost alone is worth investing in an ultrawide monitor for. Along with this, having an ultrawide monitor can also provide a competitive advantage if you often game with others. To get the best of what an ultrawide gaming monitor has to offer, look for one that has a low response time and a high refresh rate. If you’ve got the budget and the required components in your PC, then it’s definitely worth opting for extras like NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility or RGB lighting.

Whether you need a new PC monitor for working from home, playing video games, watching video or all three, ultrawide monitors are well worth the investment.


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