Stand Out With Video Brochures and Personalized Marketing

Stand Out With Video Brochures and Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is one of the best tactics for getting your audience’s attention. When you make it specific to them, they listen. Because who doesn’t like to feel special.

As we’ve evolved, we’ve got used to prioritizing content that is personalized to us. We have short attention spans, so if it’s not urgent and not directed to us immediately, it isn’t as important.

So if you’re looking for a marketing tactic to get the attention of your audience, personalized marketing is the way for you. It humanizes your brand which increases customer loyalty (and helps with sales too).

From personalized video brochures to carefully-curated landing pages, here are some famous and impressive examples of personalized marketing done right and how you can do it yourself.

What Is a Personalized Marketing Campaign?

Personalized marketing is the use of data and analytics to create marketing messages unique to every customer. Yes, it isn’t just addressing an email using your customer’s first name… there’s a lot more to it than that.

Whether you collect your audience’s shopping preferences or purchase history, you can use this to help customize your content. We will look at some of the most successful and clever examples of personalized marketing to inspire you.

Video Brochures

We know how engaging videos can be, so imagine the impact of a video personalized to every customer. Imagine then delivering this exact video via a brochure directly to your audience’s door. Although this form of marketing can be expensive, the rewards can be worth it. Also, it doesn’t take too long to record a short video to have in your brochure.

We think this is a great tactic for getting high-profile clients’ attention. Do something your competition isn’t doing. You’ll get noticed that way.

End of Year Summary

You must’ve seen Spotify Wrapped doing the rounds on social media at the end of every year. Spotify creates a slideshow of every user’s listening habits over the year, showcasing their most listened to songs and artists. Users can then share these all over social media.

This type of information is not only useful, but engaging, and ends up on a lot of people’s social profiles. People get FOMO, so it encourages people to sign up to Spotify, showing how successful this personalized report is.

Personalized Products

One of the first examples of personalized marketing was back when Coca-Cola introduced it’s Share a Coke campaign. Everyone’s names appeared on a bottle of Coca-Cola, and it was suddenly the ‘thing’ to put on your Instagram. So simple, yet such a successful marketing campaign.

Landing Pages

Personalized landing pages are crucial for keeping a user on your website. And software such as Hubspot makes it super easy, changing the content for different users and personalizing it with the help of their data. Secret Escapes did this with their PPC campaign, meaning that whatever the user searched for, e.g city breaks, is what they were shown.

By making it relevant to their search, it not only makes it a lot easier for the user, but it means Secret Escapes will be more likely chosen by the user. They saw a 26% increase in sign-ups, so it worked.

The Main Benefits of Personalization in Marketing

We’ve shown you some very successful ways you can use personalized marketing, but what benefits can you get from doing this yourself?

Increased Customer Experience and Loyalty

When a brand provides the answers to our needs, we’re more likely to return to them and give them our trust. With personalized marketing, you’re showing that you understand what they want, providing an easy journey to get it. This helps build a strong, loyal customer relationship.

Better Engagement

Personalized marketing isn’t only positive for the consumers, but the brand as well. As shown in the previous examples, these campaigns are great for increasing engagement on social media. So if improving your social profiles is high on your priority list, make sure to give an incentive for customers to post about you in your next personalized marketing campaign.

Build Strong Customer Relationships

Utilizing data to create personalized marketing campaigns will help improve your customer relationships, boost ROI and increase customer loyalty. With so much data available to you, it’s a waste if you don’t use it to help you grow, and help your customers get what they want. When you get it right, you’ll be wishing you did it sooner.


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