Technology to Help You Train Your Dog (A Review)

Technology to Help You Train Your Dog (A Review)

For some people, training a dog is easy and fun. For others, it can be a difficult task. Not all dogs respond the same way, and it can be frustrating!

Thankfully, we no longer need to rely on old methods to train our pups that may not be effective for all of them – new technology can help.

Here’s some fun, effective techniques to help you train your dog. We’ve specifically chosen tech that uses positive reinforcement to teach your dog the right ways to do things!

Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer

If you’re trying to teach a new puppy where to go potty, this intelligent system could help. It consists of a mat and a treat dispenser, and it’s not hard to figure out how it works!

Sensors pick up when moisture sinks into the mat after your puppy has relieved itself. If your little one gets his aim right, a treat is dispensed. He’ll quickly learn that that’s his bathroom spot!

Leave it inside a dog crate so he doesn’t go on the floor, and it can be used to teach your puppy to go outside when he’s old enough.

Doggy Doorbells

Once your pooch has learned to go to the bathroom outdoors, this gadgets could come in handy. You won’t have to worry about your dog scratching at the door and possibly damaging something!

She’ll simply place her nose against the sensor and a bell will alert you to the fact that your dog needs to go outside. In a way, this is your dog training you, instead of the other way around!

Invisible Fences

If your dog is a wanderer, an invisible fence is a helpful piece of tech to train him to stay safe at home.

The fence kit comes with a wire and a receiver collar. You bury the wire around your property, at the place where your dog shouldn’t cross.

When your pup comes into the area of the wire, it triggers a startling sound or a buzz from his collar, causing him to abandon the idea of venturing further.

It’s worth noting that this is only effective about 70% of the time! But it’s a good option for young dogs who are still very trainable.

Pet Cameras & Treat Dispensers

If you’re worried about your dog getting up to mischief while you’re away from home, a pet camera could be the answer. These allow you to keep an eye on your dog, speak to her (either by voice call or video), and even dispense a treat using a smartphone app.

This could be great for training dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. Being able to hear your voice and see you when you’re not actually at home can help to reduce things like nervous  licking and destructive chewing (even if it is on a chew toy).

Smartphone Apps

Everyone has a smartphone, so why not turn yours into a resource for training your dog? Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, just popping onto your app store will throw out a large variety of dog training apps.

If you want to train your dog yourself, some of these apps provide invaluable assistance. Here are some that are worth checking out:

Dogo, for Android and iOS

This app features basic obedience courses, potty training, leash-walking training, and step-by-step guides to teaching your dog tricks. Once your pup has mastered those, you can move on to an advanced training course. There are games, too!

Puppr, for Android and iOS

With over 70 lessons, you can start your pup off with the fundamentals and work your way up to more difficult tricks and skills. The basic lessons are free, but you’ll need to buy more as you progress. It’s worth it when your dog learns to put away his own toys, though!

GoodPup, for Android and iOS

If you’d prefer a proper trainer but can’t get out and about to take your dog somewhere, this app will connect you to a trainer via video.

You’ll still have to be involved, but having a professional trainer to tailor a program to your dog, give advice, and encourage you and your pup is a valuable thing. This app does have a weekly fee.


Training your dog has never been easier or more enjoyable! Technology has made huge strides in medicine, business, and finance, but it’s just as useful when it comes to dealing with pets.

Whether you’re teaching a puppy here to pee, a young pup how to do tricks, or an adult dog how to sit in the car, there’s some kind of tech to help you (and your dog) get through it with as little fuss as possible!

What gadgets have you used to train your dog?


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