Top Trending Travel Technology Solutions in Travel Industry

Top Trending Travel Technology Solutions in Travel Industry

Evolution of travel technology, Travel Industry continues to grow with its new ideas and logic. For the modern travel company, increasing the customer experience is the top business goal.

From the implementation of new approaches and increasing productivity to maximizing customer experience and expanding global reach, Travel Technology Solution plays a key role in the evolution of a powerful travel business. It has changed the way of travel business working. It brings the best inventory of tours, hotels, flights, and packages from worldwide suppliers for travel companies.

Travel Technology Trends represent the best travel technology solution which is integrated with large inventories of tours, transfers, flights, and hotels from global travel suppliers via XML API. They also have connections with worldwide travel suppliers, channel managers, GDS, and top payment gateways.

Let’s have a look at some of the Top Trending Travel Technology Solutions in the Travel Industry.

Travel Agency Software:
Travel Agency Software is a travel software that manages sales, bookings, operations, and finances for travel agents and tour operators and allows them to customize a package, create itineraries and make a large portfolio of travel products.

XML API Integration:
XML API Integration is a “translator” between customers and suppliers allowing the exchange of different formats or programming languages. It allows travel agents and companies to access real-time travel inventory from global suppliers across hotels, flights, tours, transfers, activities, trains, car rental and integrate into travel websites via XML/API to provide their customers with the best travel deals and increase bookings and revenues.

Ticketing Barcode Scanner:
It is also known as Activity Barcode Scanner which allows the end-users to book tickets instantly through a website or smartphone with instant verification at shows, events, or attraction ticket counters.

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When a ticket is booked, it is automatically downloaded. This ticket is then presented to the suppliers, who redeems and scans the ticket using a barcode scanning system. The key benefit of this approach is that customers only have to make payment against the Redemption Report that is generated once the ticket is scanned and redeemed.

Online Travel Portal Solution:
Online Travel Portal Solution is a booking engine technology available in both B2B & B2C modules. It allows B2B ( travel agents ) and B2C ( end-users ) to search for the best travel options including flights, hotels, car rental, transfers, packages, activity, and tours, and make payment in one travel portal.

Blockchain Hotel Booking Technology:
Blockchain Hotel Management is a blockchain innovation that cuts out the intermediaries and directly connects travel suppliers with hotels and travel agents so travel suppliers can circulate their inventory with no intermediary charges and vacationers can undoubtedly get their inventory with no markup rates on an exclusive platform.

It will decentralization the hotel booking process and give a simple stream and permit hotels to straightforwardly interact with their customer. It empowers dealers to get immediate installments. The blockchain hotel management eliminates outsider expenses and lays significance on the direct seller and customer connection It is beneficial in reservation systems, payment processing, and data sharing.

Luggage Storage Solution

Luggage storage services like luggage Storage Los Angeles help you go handsfree and give you the freedom to explore without the hassles of lugging your bags around. Simply go online and book a location near you.

Travel CRM:
Travel CRM – Customer Relationship Management is a tool that automates the entire operations such as managing and assigning leads, responding to queries, streamlining follow-ups, automated email alerts, and advanced reporting to improve sales efficiency and maximize revenues. It is specially designed for travel agents, tour operators, travel companies, and destination management companies.  It helps travel companies to manage leads, improve customer interaction, and automate the business process to improve customer relationships and increase sales and retention.

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We hope this article can help you get the idea of Top Trending Travel Technology Solutions in the travel industry. We are Technoheaven – Leading Travel Technology Company. We develop the best travel technology solutions for travel agents, tour operators, travel companies, and DMCs to manage a big portfolio of travel products including  Hotel, Flight, Tour, Activities, Package, Transfer, and Car Rental to increase their bookings and develop the best customer experience.

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