What to Do If Flash Drive Does Not Work?

What to Do If Flash Drive Does Not Work?

USB flash drives are an essential tool for laptop and desktop users. It’s also known as a data storage device. You can’t share any files and data with another computer without a USB drive. This device works against magnetic disks as it has solid-state data storage. It can prevent any damage caused by jumps or drops. But it’s not all about external damage and problems. In every electronic and mechanical device, you will find some internal issues. Sometimes it occurs that the flash drive is not working; what will you do then?

However, if your flash drive is not working, you can store your data with another data storage device called Photostick. It’s also a very popular and most usable data storage device. You can use this device as a replacement for a USB flash drive. Photostick also works almost the same as a USB drive.

What to Do If Flash Drive Does Not Work


USB drives are the most well-known data storage device among us. You must need to use a data storage device to save and protect all your important data. There is a chance that your PC can be stolen or not working. That’s why you always have to keep all data in a safe place. USB flash drive is here for you to do this. But you will again face trouble if the USB drive is not working. Photostick is the best option, then. You can store your data with photostick too.

What is Photostick?

This one is the perfect device to store data as there is no safety issue. You won’t require any technical knowledge to use this device because it is effortless to store data with photostick. There is no problem using this device on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Not only that, but you will get this one with a friendly budget. With one click, you can store all data. You don’t need to pay for any monthly subscription or anything for this device. As you can see, it’s a very convenient data storage device. Check out the Photostick and flash drive comparison test to know more about it. Here is a short comparison which will give you a clear sense of why you should go for photostick:

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Details of Product Photostick Flash drive
User Interface Easy to use, no software required Easy to use and built-in software
Support All types of device, PC, Mac, or mobile Supports PC, Mac, computers
Back up system Automatic Backup No Automatic Backup
Number of port Multiple Single USB port
Capacity Large capacity due to auto backup Slightly lower than Photostick
Usability Data storage, backup data storage, backup, and bootable media
Internet requirements No No
Duplicate check Yes No
Data organization Yes No
Version 1 3


Why choose Photostick?

The difference between a USB flash drive and Photostick  will make it easy for you to why go for a Photostick while the USB drive is not working:

1. Functionality

Both Photostick and USB flash drive store data and other files safely. You will find minor differences between these two devices. But still, there is a difference between their work process. Let’s see how these two device works:

Photostick works very simply, and it’s the safest device to store your data. It takes a few moments to transfer data. Just connect the photostick and free up storage if your system is running out of space.

The best feature of photostick is the auto filtering system. You can use the device storage properly because of this feature. There is no need to install it, and it is easy to use directly.

2. Capacity

You will find more storage capacity in a photostick than a USB flash drive. The storage options are about 1TB, 512GB, 128GB, 64GB, and many more. You can transfer large files in photostick like photos, videos, and others. But the storage capacity and the size of the photostick depend on your file sizes.

3. Appearance

Not many appearances that you will find between these two devices. Here the number of ports of both devices means the appearances.

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There is a flash drive in photostick to store data. The main difference arrives when you will notice that photostick has multiple ports. One port is for connecting with computers, and the other is for phones or various devices. Type-B and type-C are used to connect with phones. Some photostick may have three ports to connect with computers and multiple devices.

How to Use Photostick

How to Use Photostick

It’s easy to use photostick data storage. There is no technical knowledge required for using this device. First, you have to uncover the photostick. Now, connect the photostick by placing it on the right port on your device. Not all ports of your device machine will support connecting with the photostick. That’s why finding the right port is necessary.

Your PC or mobile will identify the drive and open the drive screen on the windows if you connect it successfully. Sometimes windows don’t open the photostick, and it’s not a problem. Find the file explorer option and then click on the USB icon. Whatever, you will find a user manual from the device manufacturer written on its packet.

Which One Is Better: Photostick or USB Flash Drive?

Both the Photostick and the USB drive are best to store your data. In terms of features, they are also pretty close. But if your USB flash drive is not working, then choosing a photostick device is recommended. Some dominant functions are available in photostick that you will not find in the flash drive. Also, photostick is best for its huge capacity and the auto backup system.


Countless people in the world use PCs, Android, iOS, and others nowadays. They keep all their valuable data and more files on those devices. But it is possible that their devices can be crashed or be stolen somehow. You will lose all your data if your system device is crashed or stolen. A USB flash drive is a compulsory data storage device to manage all your data in a safe hand. But photostick is also the best one. If your flash is not working, then you can get a photostick without any doubt.

Photostick data storage devices have excellent functions and features. It will protect all your data from being lost in the cloud. Also, this device provides many benefits too.

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