How to Acquire a Product Licence for a Natural Health Product in Canada

If you want to sell a natural health product in Canada, in order to do so you must have a product licence. But obtaining a licence in this country can be a difficult process. In this article, we have broken down the steps involved in becoming an authorised seller of natural health products and clarified the requirements for acquiring a licence. 

What is a product licence?

A natural health product license is a document that confirms that the applicant has permission to manufacture or import a natural health product (NHPI) into Canada subject to certain conditions. A licence is not a prescription. A distributor can meet any health conditions, as long as he or she complies with the requirements of the specific licence .

What are the requirements for a licence?. A product licence covers more than one product. It must be available for purchase on an online application . It must be printed by the distributor . It can’t be sold for under $30.00. The licence should include the following text ( this may vary depending on your licence): Name of the licensee Name of one person authorized to bind it Name of manufacturer (which will be indicated on the product label or package) Buyer address, telephone number and email Address of the distributor responsible for delivery to the retailer Number assigned by the Health Canada Trade Every food and health product must be registered with Health Canada. A product licence is the government agency’s official recognition of a health or food product. They can be how one would make sure that a manufacturer or supplier is adhering to proper measures for making sure that their products are safe, low in contaminants, remain stable throughout shelf life, and are appropriately packaged.

How do I obtain one for my new or currently marketed product?

The quality of the market can significantly impact the success of a new product. This is why it’s important to know how to obtain a license for your natural health product in Canada. There are two types of media licenses: Standard License & Non-Standard License. Your standard license may cost up to $40,000 but typically costs between $2,000-$10,000. A brand new or currently marketed natural health product that’s not on the market comes into Canada through two primary channels: First, it can be given an expedited review of five days by Health Canada for potential health claims. This is called the streamlined process. Second, if there are no health claims to support it but it is naturally healing or used exclusively in self-care or evidence-based healthcare settings may also qualify for an invoice number which is given by Health Canada upon submission of official documentation and before shipping.

Considerations for small businesses applying for a new product licence

Before submitting an application for a new product licence, it is important to prepare. First, determine if your product meets the definition of a natural health product under the Natural Health Products Regulations. If so, then check that your company has the necessary resources to operate as an authorized retailer in Canada with Day 1 businesses having most employees do office duties. You should also research what Day 1 products are most widely sold by your business competitors and consider offering similar products to increase market share. Next, analyze your marketing efforts to make sure they meet quality standards. Additionally, create various strategies for overseeing retail operations and ensuring

General rules and regulations of a product licence.

In order to apply for a natural health product licence in Canada, specific information needs to be provided from all available regulators from around the world, which includes a company name and contact, active ingredients list, nutrition facts panel, drug identification number and so much more.


This article provides a step-by-step explanation of how to acquire a product license for a natural health product in Canada. The main points discussed are identification, the relevant federal laws and the necessary steps to take.


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