Living in Australia: What Does This Paradise Offer?

Living in Australia: What Does This Paradise Offer?

Living in Australia is the dream of many young people who want to study abroad. And no wonder: there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with the country and explore all that the territory, culture and people of Australia have to offer.

The country is a champion in quality of life and safety, has one of the best educational systems in the world, in addition to being very receptive to visitors and, of course, being full of natural landscapes to behold!

Are you curious? So, keep following this post. Next, you will discover all that this paradise called Australia has to offer for those who choose to live in the country. Check out!

Quality education

In terms of education, Australia also stands out from most countries, with a quality system that is quite complete from the first years of a child’s life to university. Most Australians have their educational background in the public education system, which is efficient and well-structured, aiming to educate students in a comprehensive way.

All Australian education from the primary years is based on the following basic areas of knowledge: Arts Education, English Language, Health and Physical Education, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Science and Environment.

It is noteworthy that this comprehensive education includes not only the basic disciplines of knowledge, but also human training and the construction of values.

Higher Education is also highlighted in the country, with world-renowned universities in major Australian cities. It is noteworthy that most of them have programs for international students.

Natural Beauties

If you are looking for a destination that has natural beauty for all tastes, Australia is the right place for you to live. The country is world famous for its idyllic beaches that attract surfers from around the world, such as the famous Gold Coast region.

However, there are other breathtaking landscapes in the Australian territory, such as the Outback – the desert region of the country. The Australian Alps are also true postcards, in addition to the large national parks of preserved nature, with rivers and waterfalls, and the Australian rainforest.

In addition, the exotic flora and fauna with rare species that are only found in the country are also a great attraction for tourists.

Quality of life

The numbers do not lie: Australia is the second country with the highest Human Development Index (HDI) in the world – in comparison, Brazil, in turn, occupies the 79th place in the same ranking. The HDI is based on criteria such as the population’s life expectancy, level of education and education, and gross national income per capita.

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The Index is divided into low, medium, high and very high (from 0.800 to 1,000). The Australian HDI is 0.939 – that is: if quality of life is what you are looking for, the country is the right place to live.

Structure and security

Australia is one of the champion countries when it comes to public safety. The cities of Melbourne and Sydney, inclusive, occupy privileged places in the ranking of the 10 safest cities to live in the world.

In addition, the Australian metropolises have an excellent urban structure, with quality public transport and clean and safe metro and bus lines that cross all points of the city.

Consequently, the abundance of efficient transport means that there are far fewer traffic-related problems, for example, positively and directly affecting the quality of life of those who choose an Australian city to study and live.

Economy and employability

One of the most favorable points for those who decide to live in Australia is the country’s high level of employability. With a stable currency and a constantly growing economy, the job market in the country is very promising, offering many opportunities for natives and immigrants in various areas.

Among the professions with the greatest demand in the country are: marketing manager, engineer, professor, systems developer, pediatrician and dentist. To find out more about the professions for which foreigners can apply for work visas, simply access the list available on the Australian immigration website.

In addition, for those who want to study for more than twelve weeks, it is possible to work up to 40 hours a fortnight during the course and full-time during the holidays, as the study visa offers a work permit.


The Australian lifestyle is another highlight. In addition to being very friendly and welcoming to immigrants, the people of Australia are extremely kind and polite, something that is taught both among families and at school.

This directly reflects on their daily attitudes, whether with each other or in relation to the preservation of cities and the environment. In fact, the sense of environmental responsibility is also high on the Australian way of life.

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The great interest in physical activities, especially those practiced outdoors, is also part of the life of Australians, who seek to enjoy all the natural beauty of the country, combining this with sports practice and all the benefits it provides to health.

Modern cities

Australia’s big cities leave nothing to be desired compared to the most famous metropolises in the world. Sydney, for example, is full of beautiful architectural buildings that have become symbols of the country, such as the Sydney Opera House.

The cities are very modern and with excellent infrastructure for tourists and residents, with shopping centers, large companies, mixed and residential neighborhoods.

In addition, cultural life in Australian cities is very hectic and diverse. The country hosts numerous outdoor music festivals and is on the route of concerts by great artists. There are also many museums and art galleries scattered throughout the cities.

Leisure and fun

In addition to cultural life and sports, another source of leisure for those who want to live in Australia is to explore the country’s tourism, getting to know all the possibilities and landscapes that this paradise offers. The nightlife in big Australian cities is also quite intense, with possibilities for nightclubs, shows and bars to suit all tastes.

Multiple cultures

As a very welcoming country and sought after by immigrants, Australia is a true cultural melting pot where you can find people, languages and traditions from all over the world. All this cultural wealth guarantees the unique charm of the cities and people who live in Australia, delighting those who pass through the country.

In addition, there is an appreciation of the culture of the native peoples of the Australian territory, the aborigines. Like the Brazilian indigenous peoples, the aborigines were divided into different groups with different customs and languages, spread throughout the country.

It is also worth remembering that there is a strong influence of British culture in the country, which is still part of the British Commonwealth of Nations and recognizes the Royal Family of England.

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